With the Oscars (almost) imminent, I note that in the ‘Foreign Language film’ category is a movie set in Vanuatu, called ‘Tanna’.

The film is in the Nivhaal language, and it’s essentially a love story between people in, and beyond, tribes who live, undiscovered by modernity, in the jungle. Indeed, Nivhaal, related to another language called Tanna, appears to be so obscure that both are sort of almost untouched by the internet in terms of me being able to do any further research on them.


The case appear to spend the film (and subsequent ‘red carpet’ appearances) class in nothing but grass skirts, for the females, or grass loincloths for the males, and the film’s promotional material shows off bare buttocks and a topless female (see above).


The cast at the Venice film festival







The film, if nothing else, should remind us that (i) big themes such as love, and tribal fighting, are universal, whether touched by modernity or not and (ii) clothes are often imposed upon us by ‘modern, progressive’ society, whether required or not. In the heat of Polynesian islands there’s not much requirement. Indeed, in the heat of 21st century, modern, progressive France, Spain or the Greek Islands, there’s not much requirement there either. Less clothing means more comfort, so why shouldn’t we adopt the minimum of clothes where the weather permits? Why sweat, chafe or itch in items of clothing not necessarily required…apart from society’s demands that ‘this is what we do…we’re modern and we’re still horribly tied to the mindset of Christian missionaries from a century and a half back’.

The Marketplace has several grass skirts for sale, and the one we’ve picked up cost L$25, and is closest in style to the clothing of Vanuatu. The photo was taken at the Amazon series of sims, the closest SL probably has to ‘undiscovered jungle’.


While not being an exact match for male clothing, we did find one male loincloth that would sort of replicate the male wardrobe of Vanuatu, priced at L$125.



I’ve no idea if the film will win its category, but it’s certainly good that routine semi-nudity is shown to an international audience without any sort of sexual connotations applied.


(nb: my foot injury is much better, I’m mobile and can sit with comfort now. Work is settling back into its normal groove now that some sense of ‘it’s not new anymore’ calm has settled on world politics -although how long this continues is debatable- so it’s back to a more normal blogging schedule here on SLN).


Tree Girl

For almost as long as the blog has been running, we’ve championed a wider naturism, of adherents attuned to nature, the environment, to caring for the world we get to inhabit for a short time and leaving it in working order for our children and grandchildren. A naturism that has a responsible attitude to litter, cleaning up beaches, opposing fracking and all the other things that make our world a better place.

Let me point you at the website ‘Tree Girl’, wherein a woman takes some incredible photographs, nude, of herself and others set in nature.

A usual, photos may be deemed to be copyrighted, so I won’t repost them, but the video above will give you a flavour of what to expect before visiting Tree Girl’s website.

There are some truly stunning photographs on the site, and show a perfect union between the human body, naked, and nature itself.

We asked model Eileen to don a pair of glasses in order to give herself a little bit of a ‘Tree Girl’ look, after which Harry took her out for a photo shoot in one of SL’s many beautiful, photogenic tree-filled sims.





It’s tedious already…



The Daily Mail reports on a fashion show that took place at New York Fashion Week.

It included a ‘political message’ on a pair of underpants. Alternatively, it’s more virtue signalling from a not very important, but ludicrously revered, industry and a rather puerile attempt at politicising fashion.

Only a month into the Trump Presidency and the self-styled great and the good are becoming exceptionally tedious.

The designer who came up with the message above, not named in the article but identifiable with a little internet research, needs to hang his head in shame at their lack of imagination and edge. It just makes New York Fashion Week, which already generally looks dumb anyway, look even dumber.

Granted, the designer is of Mexican birth, apparently, so he might just have some vested interest in delivering ‘a message’. It would, however, be better if the message was brighter, smarter, wittier and edgier.

As it stands, it just looks like another bloc of self-regarding important people indulging in more virtue signalling, a comment I made to one of my SL friends, who then complained to me bitterly about politics suddenly entering SL and her anger at this development in a previously largely free politics zone.

I didn’t get too engaged in the debate, as I’m not really in a position to criticise. This blog has long adopted a view that we do engage with equality/feminist/naturist politics. For example, recent posts on Argentinian topless protests fit within the broad remit of the blog, but have little to do with SL itself. However, this has got me thinking about politics in SL and whether that’s a good or bad thing. I’ve a couple of posts I’m working on that expand on this, and these will appear in due course.

One, I think, will try to put a little SL spin on what I think will be the almost inevitable ‘protests’ at the Oscars, two weeks hence.

whitepanties_001dIn the meantime, I was highly amused at my friend sending me the photo (above), as a reaction to NY Fashion Week’s ‘politics’ and our conversation.




Argentinian Topless Protest (2)


Trending on Twitter with the hashtag #tetazo (Explore, as far as I’m aware), the Argentinian topless protest continues to gather pace.











“In many places, when a woman reports gender violence, they don’t listen, but when a woman shows her breasts they send so many police,” said Grace Prounesti Piquet, a 33-year-old photographer with the words “The breast is not a crime” painted in pink on her back. “It’s a shame.”



The leftist politician Vilma Ripoll said, “All people want to see tits on television. The real ones bother you.”


Vilma Ripoll

As far as I’m aware, a National Strike by women is planned for Argentina in March, so it will be interesting to see if this current protest becomes linked into a more general strike as the women of Argentina seek to overturn unequal and sometimes patriarchal attitudes.


Some Valentine’s Day poses.





Not much St Valentine’s enthusiasm in this house, or on this blog, but there’s some nice poses from EniiPose, all free with various free group tags (their in house group, SLF&O and Third Life).

In the top one, Jim’s feeding me strawberries for St. Valentine’s Day. In the middle, there’s a nice ‘nature’ pose where I’m feeding a bird some berries -very apt for those of use who feel that nature conservation should be part of the naturist’s lot- and finally, I’m Jim’s ‘funky monkey’, legs wrapped round him.



Argentinian Topless Protest


A few days ago a member of the public in Argentina contacted the police over some women sunbathing topless on the beach. A bit of a stand off resulted.

Now, it seems, that more topless protests are planned in support of the women involved. An Argentinian ‘free the nipple’ moment, if you will.


An Argentinian women goes topless with the word ‘Censor this!’ painted on her body.

We’ll keep an eye on this story and update you as it develops.



Jules Richard

Born in 1848, Jules Richard would use skills, learned and refined in the business of precision instrument making, to create the most popular line of Stereo cameras, viewers and accessories of the early 20th century. His father, Felix, died in 1876 leaving the family business in poor condition. Jules Richard took over, and in 1880 patented a highly successful recording barometer. The firm expanded its line of scientific instruments, and by the 1890s Richard was enjoying considerable success. Along the way, he acquired an interest in stereo photography.

Seeing an opportunity, in 1893 he patented an new stereo camera – the Verascope. Up to this time, cameras were bulky and cumbersome to operate. Along with the new camera, Richard developed his 45×107 millimeter format, allowing more compact cameras and reduced weight. A talented marketer and innovator, Richard hit on the right combination at the right time. One could argue his impact on stereo photography was every bit as great as George Eastman’s impact on flat photography. Not only did the 45×107 format become the most popular stereo standard of its day, but Richard followed up with viewers, printing equipment and all the accessories necessary to enjoy the stereo hobby. No one else took such a thorough approach.

There has been very little published in English about the personal life of Jules Richard. Apparently, he was not overly concerned with his public perception, allowing the image of the company to take the lead. Although a form of his company still survives, Richard himself had no children, and the company’s connection to photography ended with the demise of the post WWII stereo fad. One thing we do know, Jules Richard loved his ladies. I am told he was married to a prostitute, and thanks to the surviving record, we know he enjoyed photographing nudes.

In the post Victorian era, European morals can hardly be described as loose. Yet, Richard spent considerable time and effort photographing naked women, and not just for personal consumption. In spite of their potentially scandalous nature, Richard sold copies of his nudes. No doubt many a viewer and slides were sold to “sporting gentlemen” thanks to these images. In today’s world, one might argue it was strictly a business venture, designed to encourage comment and sell more product. It would appear, however, his interests were legitimate and the resulting commercial opportunity was merely a bonus.

Jules Richard was by no means the only photographer of naked women. He employed at least one  photographer who also shot nudes, and of course there were any number of commercial and amateur photographers of the era who created collections as well. Richard’s images are generally recognizable by location, and the examples linked below are divided accordingly.

Today, as a direct link to the man who contributed so much to generations of stereo photographers and collectors, Richard nudes are among the most sought after of 45×107 format images. For a long time I resisted buying any Richard nudes, but a friend pointed out not having any represented a genuine gap in my collection. The Autochrome portrait of Jules Richard illustrating this article does not belong to me. Although I have never seen one for sale, apparently there was a photographer who on occasion shot Autochromes at L’Atrium.


A ‘stereo’ camera, the Verascope Richard, pioneered by Richard’s company


Advertising the Verascope

I chanced upon the work of Jules Richard when exploring ‘vintage cameras’, as I’m in the market to buy up an old 35mm camera. I had one of these in my teens, not very good, but I always enjoyed taking photos with it. While digital is ‘the future’, sometimes where’s still a place for ‘the past’, and I’d be interested to try out such an item today.

Along the research journey, I chanced upon Jules Richards work, and it immediately caught my eye because it’s exactly the sort of photography that would lend itself to replication in SL, the grid being awash with all manner of old buildings that would lend themselves perfectly to the purpose of photographing nudes.

Of course, in our equality aware era, it would be necessary to include a few male nudes in similar Greco-Roman styled work, so I put the message out to several SL friends, asking for contributions.

The following gallery is what came back to me…




Lovely photos! Recreating a Greco-Roman theme, and dress sense, in SL is certainly very do-able. Which leads me onto a future posting. Tere, in the bottom photo is at a Roman sim in Sl, wearing slightly revealing Roman clothing (free at the arrival point). I won’t give the slurl here, but save it for a future posting, when we examine ancient attitudes to nudity, some of which are more enlightened than our 21st century mindset. Watch out for that blog entry at the weekend!