THE SL NATURIST Issue 1 (December 2011)

From the editor’s desk

 Hi! I’m Ella, and I was recently appointed editor of the SL Naturist, an idea that has been floating around for the best part of a year now without ever taking flight. What are my credentials for the job? I’m a RL naturist, an occasional RL freelance writer, and an SL naturist (and now SL writer). I’ve previously written stuff (on naturist issues) for 2ex, a blog written by my good SL friend Emmanuelle Warden, someone from whom I’ve learned a lot on matters pertaining to the blogosphere. I make no apologies for shamelessly thieving some of her blog style until I find my feet and can give this blog its own unique appearance and style (although I’ve already begun on that!).

If you read the ‘About Us’ page you’ll get some inkling into the thinking behind the launch of this ‘magazine’, and I’m sure we’ll be adding more and more pages as we go. I’m just beginning to get a team together to help with the content of the blog, but the offer is open for anyone to contribute articles, links, photos. If you’re an SL naturist it’s your magazine, and can only be a success with your help.

Ella Keng