What makes a good naturist sim?

In my opinion, what makes it good, apart from the relative absence of (or hidden away) poseballs is not ‘over cooking’ the sim. Too often (and this is true of many SL locations, naturist or not) is going for ‘the same’ and ‘the obvious’. Let’s have a mall…a tiki bar…a dance floor…7 seas fishing….and let’s make it look exactly the same as everywhere else. This is why Eden Naturopolis and Su Casa work so well. Eden’s so huge as to defy description (although that’s not going to stop me trying in a forthcoming report), and dedicates more of it to water than to land. So it becomes a sailor’s haven, costs little to fill with ‘stuff’, and provides little secluded spots where you and a companion can sit on an unspoilt beach, away from everyone else. Su Casa does the same thing.Not ‘over cooked’ with ‘stuff’, just a small welcome building, a balloon ride (everyone should try it!) and a few deckchairs and showers. Plenty of space for people to stretch out and do some solo sunbathing or swimming, just as in a RL naturist location. Sometimes, some of my more enjoyable naturist experiences in SL are in places not designed to be naturist. Think of this as the equivalent of finding a skinny dipping spot. No naturist designation, but isolated enough to be able to take in a swim and a conversation with a companion without clothes.

Sim owners sometimes need to think a little more laterally when building. The place needs space, and less ‘stuff’ than you would think. That way, it takes on a unique feel.

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