Genesis 2, 25

Currently on the Marketplace, there’s a L$1 complete ‘forest fae’ avatar.

This blog is intended to be naturist in intent, but I couldn’t resist the outfit, particularly at that price, where modesty is covered by a fig leaf. Very biblical, very Garden of Eden, very ‘fall from grace’ following the temptation provided by the serpent.

Modelling for us is one of my old friends, Debs Byron, who I used to be a neighbour of on a naturist sim a couple of years ago now, I’m sure. Debs will be doing some more modelling and writing for SL Naturist in the future although, as an ‘occasional’ player, she probably won’t be featuring regularly. I’ve grabbed a copy of the outfit for myself, and as soon as I can grab someone to pose as ‘Adam’, we’ll do a photoshoot of us in our fig leaves.

What better way to kick off SL Naturist, then with a ‘beginning’, if you know what I mean.