Armed for the beach

Of course Second Life isn’t ‘real’ but if you take human form and choose to do human things, then you make it as ‘real’ as possible. SL is an approximation of RL, in many respects, and the sims we visit are also approximations of RL. This is no different in the naturist sims, something that have a slight air of unreality about them in the way we approach them. For example, heading off to the beach in RL, apart from a husband and two small, over excited children, we’re armed with a variety of implements to aid our experience. Raffia mats, towels, probably some form of loose top half clothing in case the sun gets too hot, maybe a sun umbrella depending on location, and all other manner of items stuffed into a bag or rucksack.

I’ve already had Debs Byron blog the ‘over the shoulder’ towel since the blog began, but there’s a bunch of other items in my inventory that I regard as essential ‘wear’ (we’re so often not completely naked at the beach in RL or SL) for my SL naturist trips. Looking through it, I’ve rediscovered sarongs, bandanas, lots of sunglasses, hand-held towels, etc, all of which would kind of replicate my RL beach bag.

I’ve begun the process of checking landmarks and the availability of said items, and will link whatever’s available here in a ‘Beach Bag’ posting next week, in order for us SL naturists to replicate the RL version.

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