Some (more) thoughts about sim layout…and blog news.

It rathers looks that, as opposed to being a series of pages/articles/photos presented on a specific date, representing ‘Issue 1’ or whatever, that we’ll be doing rolling posts, and thus the concept of Issue 1, 2, 3 etc is redundant. Therefore, I’ll be lumping (and tagging) articles, photos etc together as the ‘Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn/Fall Quarterlies’. So we’re now in the ‘Winter’ Quarterly. Aapologies to southern hemisphere readers who are now moving rapidly into their summer. I’ve opted to adopt a northern hemisphere concept to seasons because SL Naturist is based in the northern hemisphere, most bloggers I read, and hunts, and most all else besides, adopt a northern hemisphere approach to seasons, and most SL users are in the northern hemisphere.

Wherever we are, though, it’s rapidly approaching Christmas, and a busy time for us all, so bear with the frequent ‘inactivity’ to due real life commitments, and the knowledge that I’m not actually being ‘inactive’ anyway. I’m discovering there’s a lot of research to be undertaken prior to publishing articles.

On the subject of naturist sims…many adopt that ‘paradise island’ look, and often there’s too much similarity in look and feel. Again, I’m looking at these things from a European perspective, but often I find that a ‘naturist beach’ comprises…nothing! It’s just a place naturists use. Pebbly beaches, lakes, rivers…all get used in Europe without them being developed as such. I’m currently looking around the grid in non naturist locations for such places, and then claiming them for naturism! I expect to blog, in due course, on a few potential skinny dipping spots that won’t be on the ‘naturist’ SL radar.

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