My first staff member :)

I hadn’t realised just how much work went into this, so I now have some sense of my friend Emmanuelle’s frustrations when she was running her 2ex blog (and giving me my first blogging experience). I’m sorry to see that Emma has either taken a hiatus or decided to give up entirely. I hope she’ll be back, she was a thoughtful blogger and remains a good SL friend, although she’s been missing in action for the past week or so, and IMs and emails have not been returned yet. Hopefully it’s just a break to recharge the batteries.

I’ve managed to pick up my first member of staff for SL Naturist today. I’ll not name her -yet- because I’m going to get her to do it herself on Wednesday or Thursday, complete with a report from a naturist place I wasn’t actually aware of before!

But I couldn’t let the post go without showing you some of her photographs (and she seems much more talented than me!).

What I particularly like about them is that she (and her S.O? time will tell) has captured a very, very typical sort of nude beach scene. A couple by the sea, one splashing around, the other sitting by the shoreline. Just happy, naked fun!

If I had a pound for every time I’ve seen these scenes replicated in real life I’d have enough for a couple more naturist holidays.

Life’s hectic tomorrow, so I probably won’t get ‘Dissident No.3’ published until later in the week. Sorry about that.

Catch you all later on this week.