SL Naturist Profiles: No.1 Paolo

I met Paolo at Su Casa, when I returned to check out one or two things I apparently missed. There are apparently four ‘public art’ displays, and I’m in IM contact with one of the artists regarding him doing an interview (and maybe photoshoot?) for us. And I also missed the sailboar ride, which I’ve no done in an amateurish way before beaching it and jumping for shore! Great fun, though, and I don’t recall sailing in SL before.

Paolo’s Italian, and told me that he is not best served, at home, for naturist activities, and thus takes his naturist holidays in Croatia.

Ella: So you’re a Rl naturist.

Paolo: When I can. It is not easy in Italy. Sure, we have beaches and a naturist association, but the available beaches aren’t in easy reach of my home, so we pack up each July and go to Croatia. There are a  lot of Italian naturists there, so it is easy to see there is a need not being served at home.

Ella: And SL provides an opportunity to practice virtually?

Paolo: Yes, I think so. It is not just about naturism. I enjoy the social side of SL. It is a game I enjoy playing.

Ella: When you say ‘we’ go to Croatia..girlfriend? wife? children?

Paolo: Friends. My ex-girlfriend came with me for three years, but we are no longer together. My new girlfriend is not a naturist for now. I shall try to convince her!

Ella: Does she play SL?

Paolo: No.

Ella: So do you have a naturist girlfriend in SL?

Paolo: I have someone special in SL, yes. But she is not a naturist in SL either. Maybe she comes with me sometimes, but not to often, so I visit the naturist sims of SL when she is not online.

Ella: I intend no disrespect, but Italian men in SL are like their RL counterparts, always ‘the great lovers’.

Paolo: Haha! Yes, I agree. It is a cultural thing. We have a reputation as great lovers and I think many Italian men follow this on in SL. For me, it is not so important to be always sexually engaged. I prefer the company of intelligent people in SL and think of it as a social tool. I have met some nice people in here. Some ladies, I make love to them, some I do not make love to them. It is not my primary reason for being in SL. We must stop here and take a photograph! I am Italian, I must be photographed by the ice cream vendor!

Ella: When you aren’t in naturist sims, what does your SL consist of?

Paolo: I will explore. I like the historical styled sims, or geographic representations. I visit the cities of the world, the old cowyboy west, I just have fun exploring.

Ella: We seem to have spent quite a bit of time near the water. Are you a sailor in RL?

Paolo: No. I live inland, in a region of mountains. I do this because I would not have an opportunity to do this in RL.

Ella: And the beer in the cafe tastes good?

Paolo: Yes! It gives me the courage I need to be photographed for the readership of SL Naturist!




Dissident No. 3: Anonymous…anonymised!

In light of Veena Malik’s decision to sue FHM India for allegedly tampering with her photoshoot, I’ve decided to ‘rethink’ the third of our ‘dissident nudist’ series and re-do the shoot…complete with some ‘censoring’ of the so-called naughty bits (which aren’t naughty at all, but an integral part of who each and every one of us are). I’ll be back with a re-jigged version of this in a day or two.