Dear Santa…

It’s getting to be close to the big day, so I decided I’d send you a note for what I want on my Xmas SL Naturist shopping list.

1. A communal pool with swim poses and a lot of loungers around it. Most RL resorts have one, so maybe you could fix it for me to get a proper sized swimming pool I can take my early morning nudie dips in?

2. At least one beach with a hand-in-hand couple walking pose beside it. A regular feature of RL naturism is couples strolling hand in hand along the shoreline, paddling their feet as they go and, somehow you can practically see the wheels going around in there, with naturism reminding them  why it was they fell in love the first time, regardless of their age now.

3. Aimless woodland walks set back off a beach. Several places I know in France will have pointless, yet lovely, walks just off the beach. Several French places inland are built in woodland, for goodness’ sake, and the water facilities will be a river running through the land (and, of course, a communal pool or two).

That’s it, Santa, I’m not asking anyone to move the earth (except, maybe for the terraforming of a pool!)

4 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

      • I’m not quite ready to open it to the public, but have a self-imposed target for this coming Saturday (the 17th). However, I sent you a NC inworld with the landmark so that you can get a preview, if you so wish. 🙂

      • 😦 Life, approaching Christmas, is absolutely hectic, and thus I’m only getting around to this now. I’ll have a peep later today (Thursday) and then again on Friday…absolutely crazy schedule permitting.

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