A new grid?

Word reaches me (via an SL friend who isn’t a naturist) of a new grid going ‘live’ in January. I’ve not got any details beyond the fact that it will allegedly offer a full sim, with loads of prims, for around US$30 per month. This is great news if there’s any truth behind the rumour, as it will ‘democratise’ SL (or an equivalent) to a large degree.

I know many north American and European players regard their SL activities as ‘pocket money’ prices, but the entire globe doesn’t enjoy north American or European levels of ‘disposable income’. I know this is something Emmanuelle discussed on her blog when I was writing for her, and I would echo her sentiments. There is huge untapped potential for SL in the ‘BRIC’ economies (that’s Brazil, Russia, India and China, for those who don’t follow global economics), and hauling in players from those countries would benefit SL enormously, presuming we haven’t actually poisoned them to aspire to Old and New World ‘values’.

If this new grid is a reality, it excites me because, even as a European player, I have only got a certain amount of ‘disposable income’ to spend on what is a hobby (or any other hobby for that matter).  My SL activity revolves around my family, and thus I’m always keenly aware of the need to balance the time, and outlay, against other, more pressing financial needs, particularly in a depressed global economic climate.

IF the rumour is true, IF it runs as smoothly (or as glitchily! 🙂 ) as Linden Labs version, IF the costs are correct and IF I can import my stuff into the new grid, then I’m massively interested in opening up and running my own naturist sim on that grid. Imagine a full, green, forested and relatively unspoilt (certainly by commercialism) sim, which doesn’t require huge volumes of traffic to make for any sort of  justification for its existence. Watch this space, because I would certainly be thinking of settling in for a long term commitment to the project, 2-3 years at least, if it all comes off.

Mention of Emmanuelle reminds me that her self-imposed hiatus from SL and her blog must be ending in a couple of weeks and I, for one, hope to see her back in SL, along with some of the friends I made amongst the staff when writing for her. I’ve already contacted a couple of them, Diane and Vajeena, about doing some stuff for ‘SL Naturist’ if they’re keen.


I feel that SL sometimes works best when there’s some crossover between it and RL. Yes, I know some people talk about there being some ’emotional connection’ in ‘cyber’ between two avatars (something I know nothing about, as I have all the ’emotional connection’ I need with my RL husband and our children, and thus feel no need to emotionally connect with others).

But I’m talking about where some sort of ‘creative linkage’ occurs, and people bring their RL talents, beyond the obvious computing ones, into SL. Clothes designers, of course, are part of this, but I really do enjoy where painters import (and maybe sell) their RL works in the context of SL, where people do properly live cyber-concerts, and even where people -I’m thinking about the likes of inworld magazine publishing, and how ‘SL Naturist’ will hopefully eventually be alternately delivered- create magazines (there are already some fashion magazines and ‘mens’ magazines (like Playmates) readily available). I’ve already referred to the displays of public art at Su Casa, for example, in this blog post.

But how about we transfer our SL naturist activities back into the real world?

I’m working on an article I intend to submit to a couple of RL naturist blog sites. There’s no guarantee of publication, of course, but if anyone has any thoughts, links, photos, ideas or anything else they’d like worked into it, let me know. How cool might it be for SL to pick up new players, genuine naturists, to have some sort of virtual naturism while we shiver through a northern hemisphere winter?


We all shine on!

Wow! That’s all I’m going to say for now, but trust me, wow!!!!!!

I’ve been given a sneak preview of a new naturist sim heading our way, and all I can say is that it will substantially alter the thinking in SL naturist geography because it looks superb. I’ve taken a few pictures of the unspoilt verdant land, and my immediate impressions of it are that it subtly alters how people will regard a naturist sim.

It’s European! Well, to be honest, I don’t know if it’s a European designer/owner or not, but it has a European vibe, inland France, for example, somewhere like Aranaoutchot. (Yes, I do know Arna opens out onto the beach, but just set back from it is some wonderful wooded areas that provide pleasant shade from the sting of the midday, midsummer sun. Or maybe La Jenny, also in France.

I’m not about to go into a whole long review of what’s currently a work in progress and, much as I’d love to, I’m not going to say much more…for now! I’m going to leave it until the place is properly open but, trust me, this place is going to be a wow! for all the rest of you SL naturists. The scenery is stunning and the layout imaginative. Even now it looks as though it’ll be a huge hit with SL naturists like you and I.