The links list (part 1)

As of 4th January, 2012, the following are the live ‘naturist’ sims in SL. It may not be complete, so please feel free to add comments and suggestions as you see fit. The list will be across several posts, just as I squeeze in time to visit, explore and describe each.

I’ve also added a box to the sidebar where this will be updated as sims close and others re-open, and will contain a comprehensive list of the links featured in these next few posts.

Have fun! 🙂

in no particular order, just as I visited them from my own landmarks or from search…

Turtle Beach is an adjunct of the popular Wild Coast. It’s an odd one. While Wild Coast has ‘genuine’ naturist values (emphasis on social nudity without ‘in your face’ poseballs) Turtle does have poseballs -lots of them- yet oddly manages to retain a more ‘wholesome’ and grown up attitude, possibly because many of its members have become used to adopting a grown up attitude at its older ‘sister’ venue. L$500 joining fee.

Which brings us to Wild Coast.  It has been around SL longer than I have, and has genuine naturist credentials. L$400 membership fee. Well worth the money, in my opinion, as it’s a place where you can hang out and not be pestered too badly by sex pests. Most of the guys there appear to be nice, sweet types. You can run into creeps everywhere, not just in a naturist setting, but Wild Coast seems to discourage them. A nice sim, and given its long history, one that can be relied on.

Eden Naturopolis isn’t a sim, it’s a huge collection of sims encompassing lots of islands, water to rezz or sail your boat on, apartments, shops, harbours, an airfield and much else besides. Fantastic construction by its owners, Elbag and Brenda, and very, very genuinely naturist. Not a poseball in sight, and marvellous for it. Just relaxed social nudity and recreation. L$300 joining fee.

Buffy’s Cove  may just be the oldest, continuously operating ‘naturist’ sim in SL. Naturist in the sense that you will encounter naturists, but also home to retired pirates and…er…fairies! 🙂

Sunland is apparently the most popular naturist location in SL. Again, it has been around since mammoths roamed the grid 🙂 but it’s not somewhere I’ve  frequented much since my early days in SL. An odd mixture, to my mind, encompassing pole dancers, shops and yes, even a beach. Not many poseballs I could see (although there are stilted huts with the appropriate poses), and membership was free. I probably need to revisit this for longer and explore more, but for now, I’m popping it in the ‘wholesome’ section, even though this may require review at some point.

Sunset Nude Beach  is another ‘oldie’ in SL terms. Se beds, yes, but discreet. Free membership.


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