I’m back.

Lovely little break and some great winter sun (as well as wet days) on the Mediterranean coast. I spent a lot of time taking photographs (of scenery, there weren’t many naturists around, except by the indoor pool) and painting (canvases, not walls). I’m going back in a couple of weeks to finalise, I hope, the purchase of my very own little bolt hole in the sun, and sign up the papers. In the meantime, I’ll just let you know that I encountered a couple of naturists while out in Spain, and they also happen to have recently joined Second Life, with a view to replicating their own RL naturist community with an online presence.

I explained that SL doesn’t often work like that, but I wish them every encouragement in trying to realise their dream. More of them in subsequent posts, but in the meantime here’s a pic of their avatars.