Miss (and Mr!) Nude Second Life?

The Miss World competition has become an anachronism to the 21st century, and one derided by the feminist movement who see the celebration and exploitation of beauty as having no place in the modern world. While I can broadly agree with those sentiments, the flip-side is that for many of the recent winners, girls from the likes of Venezuela, India and Turkey, it’s possibly an escape route to a more glamorous life. No one forces the girls to participate, so why shouldn’t they freely compete is that’s their choice?

In the naturist world, things are slightly different, with many resorts organising their own beauty pageants. Miss Koversada (above), Miss Cap D’agde (2008 and 2009 winners pictured below), and Nudes-a-poppin’ to name but three. Often, there are male equivalents, too. They’re all done in a bit of fun, with the usual evening wear (naturists are always big on getting dressed up of an evening), swimwear and, finally, nude. The Miss Koversada competition does this as a towel wrapped section, in which the towel is eventually dropped.

All in all, good fun to watch and, I suppose, I’ve never done it, participate in. So…what about a Second Life equivalent? Miss (and Mr!) Nude Second Life?

I’ve got a few ideas where, perhaps, participants from various naturist sims could crown their own Miss and Mr Naturist, with the winners moving forward to a grand final. If the idea grows legs, we’ll look at finalising it all at the end of this year, but in the meantime I’d like your input. Good idea? Bad idea? Exploitation? Pointless? Sexist? A bit of fun? Let me know via the comments if you think you’d like to see (or participate in) a Mr or Miss Nude Second Life 2012 competition.



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