Seize the day!

Carpe Diem is a new one for me, but I’m pleased to add it to our list of naturist venues visited and enjoyed.

There’s a lovely spacious, golden sandy beach, not too much clutter on it, and a small mall. Club rules state ‘no bloodlines’, but there’s a bloodlines related shop in the mall, which is a bit odd. Never mind, as long as vamps aren’t asking me for bites, I’m not that bothered. 

Look, it was early morning, there was no one else around, and it was still a little chilly, so I kept my tank top and sarong on, OK?

There wasn’t anyone around when I visited, but I immediately liked the vibe here, because of the lack of poseballs, and another club rule saying that ‘not everyone wants to have sex, no harrassing’. Quite. Maybe they read my profile! 🙂 I’d like to go back, soon, and see it with a few others around. I suspect this will be an excellent socialising sim.

Carpe Diem , as you all know, is a phrase from a poem by Horace, from the longer quote ‘carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero’. Latin scholars amongst us (well, I sat at the back of class and did homeworks in other subjects when I was at school) understand this as ‘”Seize the Day, and put as little trust as possible in the future”. This is an aphorism well suited to Second Life. Live for the moments you have in your alternate existence and enjoy them! I do!

Now…all I have to do is seize a little more SL time while waiting for the RL sun to tilt in the general direction of the northern hemisphere!

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