Where am I?

For those of you asking about the apparent lack of activity on the blog, fear not. On (or around) March 1st I’ll be publishing ‘Issue 2’ of the ‘magazine’, across 3-4 lengthy posts stuffed with photographs. I’ve been speaking to SL (some of whom are RL) naturists, photographing them, exploring SL ‘nude space’ and generally typing a bit in order to have some kind of unified ‘whole’ to the magazine. I hope to concurrently release an inworld version, but that’s proving slightly problematic due to my lack of computer skills, and making it look right (i.e. text over photos, etc). Still, there’s three weeks to go, so I’m hoping I can have it ready and looking as I wish it by then. I’m also experimenting with photo editing software to give the ‘magazine’ a colour/b&w sort of feel too, and this is also a little bit of a learning curve. Catch you soon! xx Ella.