‘I’m a widow, and a granny, and my mobility isn’t that great, so the internet in general is an essential tool for keeping in touch with the world outside. I don’t remember where I read about SL, but I tried it and immediately loved the whole idea. I’ve not been playing that long, but I’m pretty hardcore about it at the moment, logging on daily and exploring for a couple of hours each day at least. I’ve already made good virtual friends through it and I hope that continues to grow.

Naturism? I used to sunbathe topless, 30 odd years ago, and that’s been the extent of my immersion in that lifestyle, but I am entertained by the idea and I do visit a couple of clothing optional places in SL. It’s a small part of my SL existence. I know SL is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, but I came into it imagining everyone would be their age, and so I picked a granny name (Granny Canaria, also a little indication as to where my husband and I did vacation for many years). Of course, once I was in, I’m finding 60 and 70 year olds being 20 somethings, but I was stuck with the name. And I also felt uncomfortable with being a younger me because that’s not my experience anymore. I am who I am now, shaped by the experiences of my younger self.

I’ve found finding ‘older’ skins to be a problem, but I’ve managed to get my hair colour correct, hahaha, and also buy a walking stick that I also use in RL (I’m more in need of hip replacement than hip hop). I’ve grown to love ‘Granny’ because she’s different from many avatars. She’s pretty unique, in my experience, although I’m sure others wear older avatars.

I just enjoy SL, and enjoy sitting ‘people watching’ or ‘avatar watching’, in some sims. I engage in conversation, of course, and I’ve had to fend off the advances of some guys who fantasises that younger guy older woman thing, but for now I’m happy enough to take each day at a time and enjoy SL. Ah, no thanks, I’m happy enough to pose in my undies rather than go nude for you dear.’


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