‘One thing I hate…’

‘….is guys randomly saying ‘hi’ in IM, and then telling me how sexy I look. The worst ones just ask for sex’.

Not my words, although I fully understand where the speaker’s coming from, and support her sentiments. No, those are the words of one of the people I’ve interviewed for issue 2 of SL Naturist. Our interviewee goes on…

‘Sometimes I respond and ask if they’d take that approach in RL. Some say ‘yeah’, which is probably why they’re single. Most of them tell me they’re single anyway. Or divorced. I wonder why? It must be to do with their sparkling personality and lack of manners and etiquette. They wouldn’t speak to women like that in RL. Why should they be able to speak like that in SL? I usually tell them why they’re creeps, and then mute.’

So…ladies…what’s your take on this? You can use the comment box anonymously. I’m glad to say this isn’t a problem in the genuine naturist sims, and I generally only encounter the problem, if at all, when scouring new sims (which may not be genuinely naturist). This blog/magazine will work best if there’s some interaction, so please don’t be shy.

Oh, incidentally, I’ve now amassed enough of a collection of photos, and it’s a collection growing daily, to ensure that all subsequent posts will contain at least one photo.

3 thoughts on “‘One thing I hate…’

  1. This seems to be a common problem in S L. Some people have not learned that because a woman chooses to go nude she should not a target for sexual overtures. Myself I issue one warning that I wish to be left alone. Muting is one solution, but I do have a rocket I tell them to wear and it shoots them so high the AV dies. I know this is a drastic measure but maybe they will think twice before doing it again.

  2. The thing is not all people that go to virtual naturist venues are true naturists. And of those people I would estimate 100% of them equate nudity with sexuality. To them there can be only ONE reason to be naked in the first place, (without thought of personal comfort, bathing or use of the restroom facilities).

    This same problem is reflected in RL society. This is why it is so hard to have most non-naturist people take us seriously.

    I think society, in general, virtual or actual, needs a good mental enema!

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