Frenetic Jungle

I do regular searches for nudist locations. For my own exploration, yes, but also for your benefit, I hope! So when I saw a new one, Frenetic Jungle (note, the sim has closed already, as of 25/3/12 and the link has been removed), pop up in search, I sent some of the staff over there to do a little bit of a photo essay and a report. It also gives me the opportunity to introduce you to a new writer, Areola, and our photographer, Harry, whom I know from my days scribbling for the 2ex blog.

So without further ado, let me hand you over to Areola and Harry…

Bonjour! I’m Areola Mamelon (Areola Resident) and I’m Ella’s new writer for the SL Naturist blog. If you wish to IM me, please do so, as I do speak English. 

Harry, the SL Naturist photographer, and I have been over to the Frenetic Jungle Nudist Sim to explore and report back. I like the attitude explained in the link to it, which reminds us not to confuse sex with nudism, and each are very different concepts. There are no sex poses here, so if that is what you wish for, go somewhere else. 

It is a slightly odd build, kind of medieval with modern touches, but beautifully put together with some fantastic arrays of flowers where you can pose alone or with a friend for photographs. Harry and I enjoyed exploring it, and I hope I do not do the owner/builder a dis-service to say it feels like a work in progress. I think it is, because being new (I was visitor 166, so it is obviously very new) it is wishing to attract visitors and be slightly altered maybe to their needs.

I love the way where some sims are not too busy in their build, and this is one such build. Because of this, it has a fresh feel and I adored the landscaping.

The sim also has tree houses for rental, so if you wish for a home on a naturist sim, maybe this could be for you? I think Frenetic Jungle is a sim we need to watch as it develops in the coming weeks and months. I shall return.



4 thoughts on “Frenetic Jungle

  1. I haven’t visited it yet (I can’t seem to log in right now), so I have to be careful with what I say, but I will say in advance that I’m skeptical about a “naturist sim” in an adult region.

    I’ll update my opinion when I have grounds for one. 🙂

  2. Okay, have been there twice now and don’t have anything really bad to say about it. There were no sex poses that I could find, not even the “love scenes” animations a friend told me I would see right away.

    At the same time, a total lack of sex poses, hidden or otherwise, makes the Adult safety-level all the more illogical. Mind you, I’m not complaining that there are no sex poses, I’m saying that a genuine nudist sim should be Moderate. (Frankly, I think they should be General, the TOS be damned.)

    The build is unique and interesting and I kind of like it, too. Although I hope the rental boxes on the three or four available rental properties that I noticed were not fully set-up, ’cause I damn sure wouldn’t pay that much a week for a treehouse or a pyramid.

    But I digress.

    My strongest complaint (other than the region rating) is that there seems to be nothing identifying it as a naturist sim. Not in the land description, the greeter said nothing to that effect, I received no notecard on arrival… Nothing.

    Not necessarily a huge deal; like it was mentioned, the place is still clearly under construction. But if they’re actively trying to attract naturist visitors, they might want to mention that little detail somewhere. 🙂

    In summary: I’ll be watching with interest as well. 🙂

    • I hear what you’re saying, Karma, but I think that the ‘adult’ label is sometimes applies, and self-imposed, according to the owner’s personal opinions. In this, sometimes American owners are rather more coy, or careful, about their application of the adult tag. I do visit (clothes) blogs which will offer a blogger ‘suitable for adults’ warning. Once in, the only ‘adult’ aspects will be that nipples, on skins, will be hidden or self-censored with pasties.

      The sim refers to itself as ‘Frenetic Jungle Nudist Sim’, which is why I’ve included it as a possible naturist location (‘possible’ as in ‘nudity is possible’, rather than ‘it might possibly turn out to be naturist’).

      There are treehouses available for rent, and it’s likely that residents will include sex beds, so how you define it as ‘genuinely naturist’ after that is difficult. We shall wait and see. 🙂

      • “The sim refers to itself as ‘Frenetic Jungle Nudist Sim’”.

        Not to beat a dead horse, but to clarify: it doesn’t say that *anywhere* presently. I’m on the sim as I write this.

        And sex animations in private homes are irrelevant to me. 🙂

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