Muirhead Nude Beach

I am indebted to reader Susan Paquot, and her partner Buckeye Scorpio, for pointing me in the direction of Muirhead Nude beach. Susan asked had I ever visited it. I hadn’t and was rapidly zooming over there on receipt of her notecard. Thank you, Susan, it’s a lovely little beach which appears to be set in the centre of a non-naturist community.

And this is how RL naturism should be, and how SL naturism could be too!

What it lacks in size, it makes up for in a couple of lovely features, as well as delightful architecture around it (and reminded me of England’s Cinque Ports, a little). While set in the ‘East River Community’, suggesting a NY connection, the build reminds me of Hastings, Dover, Hythe, New Romney and Sandwich. Eagle eyed historians amongst you will, of course, know that that bread and filling you have for your lunch is named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, (see photo below) although Montagu didn’t invent the ‘meat inside two slices of bread’ we often have at lunch, as it is recorded that Hillel the Elder, a prominent Jewish religious leader around the time of Christ, was making ‘sandwiches’ of sorts during Passover.

The two elements I was particularly taken with were the changing/beach huts and the diving board with a large selection of dives (see pics 1 and 2 above). I’ve never encountered this dive set before, and I always love to try new things in SL, so I spent quite a bit of time on the diving board. I’ll not show the pic of the less than lady-like bellyflop into the warm waters below! 🙂 )

Thanks for the heads up, Susan, and I’m delighted to include Muirhead as another naturist beach. I will be going back to practice my diving skills!

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