It is what it is

When I wrote for Emmanuelle’s 2EX blog (now Jayne’s 2EX blog, but sadly, apparently, defunct) there was a lot of discussion about pubic hair because Emma was a big advocate of it, making the claim that ‘women should look like women, not little girls’.

It wasn’t an issue that vexed me, but it appears the matter does enter people’s minds when reading SL Naturist too. I’ve got an email from a reader who asks why the staff are all ‘natural’ looking in the pubic area. I can’t say I’d really noticed. It’s coincidental. It is what it is. 

It’s not a discussion I’m going to countenance on this blog. People are free to wear what they wish, how they wish, reflecting a reality or a fantasy and we’ll photograph them, chat with them or whatever as the people behind the keyboard and their projected alternative look and life.

My own avi appearance reflects my RL existence, not just in that area, but also in hair colour, style, as best as I can replicate and the fact that I wear glasses. As far as my avi goes, it is what it is.

I won’t be altering my avi’s appearance for anyone other than myself. I won’t be asking the staff or any model, to alter their projected alternative life for anyone other than themselves.

In Celebration of Eden Celebration

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but the Eden Naturopolis collection of sims is simply stunning and outstanding, both in terms or breadth and depth. There’s a keen eye to detail which means interest never fades. We’ve been out and about in Eden (again!), this time in the Eden Celebration sim, which houses the Yacht Club.

I confess that while I’ve done some sailing in SL, it’s not really my thing, so I remain a land lubber who prefers to explore the sea either up to my ankles with sand below it, or else totally immersed if it’s warm enough. Better to sit on a lounger, reading a book and avi-watching than actually putting a boat out to sea!

So, while exploring Eden Celebration we ran into a couple of avatars doing the same. I’m pleased to say that the more we publish, the more avatar awareness there is of SL Naturist, our bona fides are accepted and avis now appear more willing to pose for us!

The sim houses Eden’s Conference Centre (we’ll get to that in due course) as well as the Yacht Club, and we spent some time exploring prior to running into Bill, who was messing around in boats and also diving into the harbour, which looked a little chilly to my eyes. Still, Bill was enjoying himself and didn’t seem to feel the cold.

We talked for a little bit (he declared himself to be more of a ‘wannabe’ naturist in RL than an actual participant) and he agreed to pose for a few snaps.

He confessed to enjoying what he’d seen at Eden and said he’d return to it again, and bade us farewell as he continued on his exploration.

Thereafter we wandered around some more, taking a load of photographs, mostly of scenery, no avatars included, precisely because we do admire Elbag and Brenda’s builds so much. There’s an astonishing level of detail involved, and photos are worth taking as and for themselves. If you like to record your own SL in picture form, I recommend you try this at home too! Harry showed me some of the photos he has collected from defunct sims, and it’s a permanent reminder on how SL, its geography, avatar appearance and so on, have developed in recent years.

Then we ran into Tina, and walked and talked with her for a while as she, in turn, explored the Eden Celebration sim. She, too was willing to be photographed, so we grabbed a few snaps of her and continued to explore together. Tina was particularly taken with the open air arena, clambering onto the stage and desperate to sing a song to the empty arena, before we continued on our way and ended up bumping into Bill once more.

He had discovered a golf buggy, but unfortunately the keys hadn’t been left behind, so it was only possible to have Tina and Bill pose beside it. It’s difficult to say if we’ve captured the essence of the place. Harry feels we need to return for more landscape shots, simply to show off its architecture and landscaping.

Words by Ella, photos by Harry.







Mad day out (the preview)

For those of you who are Beatles fans, you may be familiar with the day in July 1968 when they took a break from recording the White Album to be photographed in various places around London.

This is known in Beatle folklore as the ‘mad day out’, and the photos (above and below) are typical of the sessions that took place that day.

Well, we’ve just had our own ‘mad day out’ at SL Naturist, with all of it captured on film by Harry. The premise was the same. Assemble. Assemble the SLab four (Ella, Eva, Areola and Harry) and go mad, tp’ing all over the place and taking as many photos as possible for the files. Essentially, stock photos that can be wheeled out as and when required.

Now, the idea is to have a stockpile, so we won’t be utilising all of the photos in one or two posts, but we will be letting some of them free next week, so stay tuned for a post on our own ‘mad day out’.

Here’s a couple of outtakes from Harry’s canisters of film, showing Harry’s polaroid test prints of Eva while he fiddled with his light meter. 🙂 More to come on Monday and Tuesday.



Readers contributions updated, 29/3/12

I’ve updated the ‘Readers’ Contributions’ page. More to follow tomorrow, Friday 30th March.

And because SLN is very much pictorial based, I’ve popped a couple more on this page, just for the fun of it.

Harry has been out today doing a couple of lengthy photo shoots (still at it, elsewhere, on line, as I type) and he’ll be posting those tomorrow, I hope, with some text (and poses) from Eva, as well as words from readers and models alike.

Male pattern baldness

I often scoot around the existing naturist sims in SL with the intention of checking what’s new, updated, re-arranged and changed.

And although I encounter a lot of bald men in RL and SL, it’s a rarity in SL. I suppose there’s still something about a great head of hair representing male virility (allegedly).

So it’s something of a rarity to see a bald avatar. In fact, so much so I asked this (wishing to remain anonymous) guy, whom I encountered at Sweden Naturist if his hair hadn’t rezzed! Usually, guys will wear a shaved head (with shadow) look as their shortest haircut.

I was politely told that it was a choice to be bald, and that it reflected the guy’s RL. He’d tried hair, but it didn’t look as much like him as he wished himself to be. For the guy in question, his RL baldness had to be reflected in his SL avi.

We also got to talking…how shall I put this?…his luxuriant pubic region. Not the sort of everyday SL conversation I have! Apparently, his prim pubes are from Nearly Tactile (probably the best in SL @ L$250, and my own fluff of choice). I can’t recollect discussing what Nearly Tactile call a ‘man muff’ before, but our model had sized it up by 50% and achieved a particularly ‘hairy down there’ look that stretched around to his bottom and scrotum. We like this (purely in a realism sense, you understand) because it looked great! Guys, if you’re going to be hairy ‘down there’, I think this is a look you may wish to emulate. Furthermore, the addition of a ‘man muff’ seems to eradicate that awkward join between your avi’s body and the penis.


Time consuming (2), brought to you by the letter E

I feel I shouldn’t tease you about this time consuming post we, the editorial team, are working on. For long periods of yesterday all of us were on line at one stage or another, sourcing ‘naturist clothing’ 🙂

Yes, that’s a contradiction in terms, but let me explain.

On RL naturist beaches you’ll find everyone isn’t nude all the time. The ferocity of the sun sometimes leads people to cover up to greater or lesser degrees. Less to do with modesty, more to do with simply protecting oneself from the sun’s rays.

To that end, we’ve been scouring the grid for hats, sarongs, baggy T shirts, bags tohold all of our sun tan oils, books, drinks, kindles etc. The usual array of naturist beach-related items, in other words, which add realism and interest to the pix we take.

Currently, the lucky board at Hudson’s Clothing is offering a bikini and wrap. I’m telling you this because a) it might not be there for long, and be gone before I manage to get the post we’re working on finished and b) wraps, sarongs and pareos are very much part of the naturist experience in RL, and are something I will wear as part of my SL naturist experience, just for added realism.

Not all sim owners like or encourage this ‘partially clothed’ idea, preferring to keep their sim ‘pure’, but the fact remains that various states of undress are part of naturist beach life.

So here’s me (again! 😦 ) modelling the set, which is L$0 on the lucky board as described above. I have to say that I’m getting a bit fed up being ‘the model’, so much so that I’m trying to get a couple of models to show off items for us on a more regular basis, leaving me to do the writing bit! 🙂 The only reason I’m in these pix is that the letter E came up first!

(above, the wrap shows its slightly diaphanous quality)

So, while we continue the quest to bring you ‘naturist related clothing’, this lovely wrap set should put you in the mood for summer, whether you’re going to be naturist or not.

(below, ‘topless’ is also a fact of life on naturist beaches)