Issue 2…and finally…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Issue 2, and the first properly formatted issue, of SL Naturist. I’ve learnt a lot in its production, and I know more about the mechanics of blogging, and assembling copy, as a result.

What that means is that Issue 3 (June) will feature more text, more photos, more pages!

I’ll be around more inworld over the next few weeks, and maybe asking you to feature 🙂

As ‘news’ develops on the SL naturist front, I’ll pop posts up on the blog, so keep checking back for updates between now and June.

If you feel you can contribute, let me know. I’ll accept unsolicited texts and photos and include them if you have anything to say.

Until next time, stay nude in SL, and have fun!



Issue 2 cover girl Eva (Evelyn)

Well, you’ve already seen her on the cover, looking stunning, fresh, young and happy, and she’s also pictured on photo page 1, but what’s she like off camera? I chanced upon her one day and asked if she’d like to be featured. She agreed, and so the photo session and interview followed.

Congratulations on being the first cover girl for SL Naturist!

Thanks! I feel like a fraud. For one thing, there’s loads more beautiful avis around, and for another, I change my look, hair mostly, regularly, so what you get now, and another time, might be different. 

We can see that in the ‘glamour’ shots we’ve done of you, and the nude shots.

I change my hair and sometimes my skin. I like to tweak my look. Don’t we all? Essentially, I’m always blonde and always the same shape, which are reflections of the real me. But I like to alter the skin according to the season, paler in winter, more tanned in summer, and the hair’s a constant work in progress, although I have my own favourites which, again, are supposed to reflect the real me.

So tell us some stuff about yourself.

I’m just a girl who plays SL, mostly in winter. I’m outdoorsy in summer, I have to say. I jog, go horse riding, play tennis. SL is very much a seasonal thing for me. 

Are you a RL naturist?

Hahaha! Um…not really. I do like to sunbathe nude, in the privacy of my back yard, just to get a healthier look, and I will go topless on vacation if the chance arises, but I wouldn’t say I’m a RL naturist, no.

Yet you’re a SL naturist?

I love the laidbackness of it all. I do like to hang around naturist sims when I’m online, I have to say. I live a long way away from any nudist beach, so the chance to take my SL experience into RL isn’t an option, but I guess the SL experience of it has given me a different perspective of what it’s all about. Now do you understand why I feel like a fraud?

We’ve all got the chance to re-evaluate our existence via an SL alternative. I don’t think not being a RL naturist bars you from being a SL naturist or, indeed, SL Naturist cover girl. How do you feel about your starring role?

Nervous! It’s OK wandering around sims, but it feels a little different that I’m going to be zoomed off into cyberspace with a lot of images of me, even my cartoon version of me, available. I’m not sure how I feel, actually.

Well, I think it’s clear you look gorgeous, and I’m sure the readers will agree. Once again, thanks for agreeing to be our very first cover girl!

(Glamour shots done at the Photo Square free photo studio. Nude shots at Summer Dreams, SL Naturist HQ and Eden. Photos feature Eva/Evelyn and Ella)

Issue 2 Photo Page 2

Just a round up of photos we’ve gathered for the mag, but which aren’t associated with any specific article. Thanks to the couple who agreed to pose for us in this set, Italian Anton and Russian Amaliya (not, as far as we know, a SL ‘couple’, but just two gorgeous looking avis who happened to be on the same sim as me, and opted to be featured in SL Naturist. (photographed at the non-nudist Solitaire sim, Sweden Naturist and Vibes Nudist camp (now closed))

Issue 2 Su Casa Naturist

I’ve mentioned, most positively, Su Casa Naturist in the blog before, and they’ve been kind enough to say some nice things about this blog. So I decided it was time to re-visit the sim for a comprehensive tour. It’s one of the really genuine naturist sims in SL (i.e, nudity does not equal sex, therefore no poseballs).

I’ve visited it regularly, of course, and wrote about it briefly when I wrote on naturist matters on the ‘2ex’ blog (which still appears to be ‘live’, but hasn’t been updated in ages).

I dragged Harry along to help with some photos, and we pick up the tour when I tp’ed in, to find Harry working on some previously taken photos and, incidentally, checking out the SL Naturist blog via the conveniently placed link at the landing point. See any nice photos, Harry? 🙂

We then wandered over to the cafe for a nice cup of tea for me, and a pint of Guinness (at 1100am, Harry???) for my companion,

before sitting outside in the sun for a while and discussing the mag. Not such a ladylike pose, though, is it, haha! 

After that we wandered off to find some Tai Chi poseballs, and I did a little routine while Harry looked bored, or scared, knowing that I’d spotted the Su Casa balloon ride! Yippee!!!! Girl in control!

Um…stop looking down Harry, as if the ground’s about to rise up to meet you too quickly once I turn the burner off. Warning! Breast physics really do come into their own on the balloon ride! 🙂

At this point, Harry bailed out, to get his feet on terra firma, and cast an eye over one of the art displays, photographs from Su Casa users this time, while I inevitably crashed the balloon and ran over to the jacuzzi where Harry eventually joined me to snap off a couple of pix.

After that, we headed back down to the bumper cars. Harry tried one out, but having had enough crashes for one day, I opted to take his camera and show him at the controls (sort of, he eventually hit the wall!) 

There’s more to do at Su Casa, but unfortunately our crashes for the day hadn’t finished, as Harry crashed out of SL, and time ran out for me. But I know that I’ll be back to spend time relaxing on their comfy sunloungers, maybe taking a dip in the sea to cool down, and then having a beach shower before heading back over to the landing point to sit and chat with other users. Maybe you’ll catch me there, reading up on the latest issue of SL Naturist?

Issue 2 LeMelon Rouge

Bearing in mind that the works are copyright, I don’t wish to infringe on LeMelon’s work too much. If you’ve read the article on ‘Life in Eden’ (here), you’ll have read SL Naturist publisher Howie Lamilton discuss LeMelon’s work and enthuse about it greatly.

As a result of that, I’ve taken a couple of snaps of LeMelon’s work (see below). More are on display at the Su Casa sim, and a slurl to the gallery is available at the ‘Life in Eden’ page. 

This gives a flavour of his fabulous work. I’ve also IM’ed LeMelon to get permission to re-use these images. If no permission is forthcoming the images on this page will be removed,

Issue 2 Life in Eden

Exploring Eden, with Areola Mamelon

I think that every SL naturist knows Eden Naturopolis, the immense series of sims built by Elbag Gable and Brenda Hoisin. There is just so much to explore, and such a variety of activities that I guess it might be possible to live one’s whole SL inside the Eden sims. Eden have a website that you might like to visit, as it includes whole albums of beautiful photographs, as well as a mine of information on the activities, and possibilities to rent, available there.

Let me be honest. I cannot do justice to the expanse of Eden in one single (lengthy) visit, so I did not try. Instead, I confined myself to the Eden Hawk sim (where the TP point is situated), and explored just that. In subsequent posts, and issues of SL Naturist, I shall explore Eden further. Even this post does not cover all of what that one sim, Eden Hawk, has to offer.

While online, the publisher of SL Naturist, Howie Lamilton, came online. While he is in my friends list, I have not actually met him inworld before now, so I tp’ed him over to Eden and we discussed SL, naturism and my writing role at SL Naturist for a long time. It was lovely to meet him, and he seems like a really cool guy. I could not miss the opportunity to ask him to pose with me for a few photos for this posting while he was online.

Howie is a former renter at Eden, and says he will be again later this year, but for now his SL opportunities are limited, and renting isn’t worth it for him at this time. While he takes a back seat role at SL Naturist, I did take the opportunity to probe him about his motives.

‘I’ve got a few magazine ideas in mind. I like the crossover from real life to an alternative life, and the idea that there is an entire, standalone set of industries going on in SL. Sure, that mostly means the sex industry inworld for now, but I believe there are opportunities to be had to develop strictly inworld industries. Art is one, and I’m trying to be a supporter of various arts in SL. One magazine idea is ‘SLAP’, Second Life Arts Production, which much like SL Naturist would be a magazine covering people who produce art. That can cover Shakespeare being staged inworld, to artists working inworld, to musicians producing music exclusive to SL. That’s the vision. I think SLAP may become a reality later this year, but for now the ambition is to bed in SL Naturist as a regular publication.’

Are you a RL naturist?

‘I am, yes. And I’ve been visiting SL naturist sims since I started in SL. I think to retain an interest you have to have an interest in specific topics yourself, so SL naturism seemed an obvious kick-off point to launch a -ha!- publishing empire. I’m also a RL musician, and SLAP, or maybe another separate entity, would be a magazine covering SL music, and linking mp3s, produced by RL musicians as their SL alter-egos, to the pages. There’s a lot of musicians around, so a SL Top 40 chart is entirely feasible.’

Why have the likes of me or Ella be the front of house staff for the SL Naturist? Couldn’t you do it on your own?

‘SL time is limited at the moment. And a vision of having a series of magazines online isn’t possible for one person. I can’t cover it all. So when talented writers come into my field of vision, the idea is to use their talents, and give their own SL a sense of purpose and focus. Shopping gets boring, eventually. It’s not intended to make money, it’s intended to be outlets for the obvious creativity of many SL users.’

So, who, in the world of SL artistic production, do you recommend?

‘Well, the art world has a jump on music, in that you can upload artworks, photographic or painting, into SL. Yeah, you can do it with music too, but ideally I see that as being collected out of world, hence perhaps an online music mag. In the artworld, I think the artist I’ve discovered and whose works I love are by a guy called LeMelon Rouge. He displays at Su Casa, and when I have time to have more of an inworld presence I’d like to start renting at Eden again and get some of his stuff for my walls. You need to check his stuff out, it’s terrific. And, there again, the fact that he’s displaying at Su Casa shows what a great job they’re doing, supporting artists and SL creativity.’ Ella adds: I’ve linked to a separate page in Issue 2, here, which features LeMelon’s paintings. A slurl to his exhibition at Su Casa is here. )

You could always build a gallery…

‘Funny you should mention it. I would like to have my own performance space inworld, eventually, where musicians can do inworld concerts, or display art. Ideally, it would have a naturist setting, maybe an island on Eden, where I could also have an inworld office presence for SL Naturist, or the other magazines. I think my ideas develop slowly, so maybe in the autumn we’ll get around to that. Certainly, by autumn, I intend to have SL Naturist offices in place inworld. Somewhere writers can use as a home hub, conduct interviews, maybe do photo sessions.’

So Eden features very much in your plans for SL Naturist?

‘Yes. Elbag and Brenda are terrific people, and incredible friends of SL naturism. We, as a naturist community, owe them a lot, and right now I don’t see SL Naturist as having an inworld presence anywhere other than here (Eden)’.

After saying goodbye to Howie, I explored Eden Hawk further, discovering an airfield, a car park, a seal sanctuary, and a fantastically detailed harbour. Each turn brought new delights, and I was awestruck by the detailing and depth and breadth of the entire sim. So that’s one part of one sim explored. Where next?

I know many of you will have your favourite Eden places. Perhaps even Elbag or Brenda would like to suggest where I explore next? Please, if you’re an Eden user, let me know of your favourite spots, so that I can report on them in subsequent issues of SL Naturist. See you in the next issue of SL Naturist!

(Ella adds: I’d like Areola to do this as a ‘continuing series’ beyond the confines of the quarterly magazine. Please, IM her or me to suggest other locations within Eden that you’d like her to report from.)

Issue 2 Photo Page 1

Between Harry, myself, and contributions from readers, we’re slowly building a large library of naturist photos from around the grid. And don’t our models look gorgeous! 

(above, Anton and Amaliya at the Solitaire sim)

I’ve been deliberating on whether or not to begin publishing these as a separate Picasa or Flickr page. What do you think? Would you like to see some sort of comprehensive gallery of SL naturist photos on the web?

(above, Ella uses the beach shower at the Muirhead sim)

In the meantime, here’s a selection of photos we’ve taken, or received, to give a sense of the beauty of the landscape, and models, involved in SL naturism.

(above, cover girl Eva from her photo shoot at Wild Coast)

(above, cover girl Eva)

(above, model who wished to remain anonymous 🙂 , at Buffy’s Cove)

Issue 2 Meet the Staff

Very much still a ‘work in progress’, I’m slowly assembling a staff that will ease the burden of producing Issue 3, and also give their own spin on SL naturism, so everything doesn’t come from a single person’s perspective.

First up is me, of course, Ella Keng. What do you need to know about me? I’m a British mother of two, I’m in my 30s, and I’ve been a RL naturist since I was 18. We continue to have naturist holidays today, aren’t members of any RL club, and mostly holiday in Croatia, France and, primarily, Spain. I joined SL because I erroneously imagined it was a graphical depiction of RL interests, and that I’d meet inworld SL naturists who were also RL naturists. We know that isn’t the case, but I was hooked on the game and have been playing now for about three and a half years. I previously wrote, on SL naturist issues, for a blog called 2EX, which led to me getting this gig. That’s me on the right in the pic (above), chatting with Evelyn, who you’ll meet elsewhere in Issue 2, about her SL naturism. We’re in the pool at the Summer Dreams sim, as I recall, in this pic.

Somewhere en route (if you’ll excuse my French 🙂 ) I’ve picked up an excellent writer in the shape of Parisienne Areola Mamelon (above, photographed alongside SL Naturist photographer Harry Leistone while researching a piece for the mag) Areola’s work gets its first public airing inside Issue 2, but here’s her own pen-portrait.

‘As a family, we enjoyed naturist holidays when I was a child, mesmerised by the beaches, sea and warm sunshine far away from my Parisian home. In adolescence, I rejected it, being self-conscious about my developing body. In adulthood I have come to re-embrace the feeling of sun and warm air on my skin. All of my naturist experiences are within the boundaries of France.’

And that brings us nicely to the third and (so far) final member of the staff, photographer Harry Leistone. I met Harry via the ‘2ex’ blog, where he did some photography for that, and he’s responsible for many of the more ‘artsy’ kind of photographs through the magazine. A Kiwi who now lives in London, in RL, and whose naturist activities have been more geared towards ‘skinny dipping rather than organised naturism. I don’t know if I’m a naturist or not. If I vacation where it’s a textile beach, I’m happy enough keeping my swimming shorts on, but if there’s a naturist beach there, I’ll happily use it. I don’t go out of my way to be a naturist, but it’s a lifestyle I enjoy when I do get the opportunity’. Harry freely admits he doesn’t really approach naturists in the confines of SL to ask for photographs as ‘guys seem to think I’m gay, and women seem to think I’m hitting on them, so I do tend to concentrate on trying to capture more of the vibe of a place when I’m taking SL photos, rather than on people. I’ve been taking SL photos since the first week of my second life, and I just like to explore stunning locations and marvel at the skills of some of the builders’.

Issue 2 Editorial


Welcome to ‘Issue 2’, one I’ve tried to give a kind of magazine format that you’ll maybe read in a linear way, like a conventional magazine, or else dip in and out, zig-zagging your way through its ‘pages’. Its not meant to be a comprehensive guide to SL naturism -we have to leave something over for subsequent issues!- but rather an exploration across some of the sims, and conversations with some of the people I’ve met on the journey.

It has been an interesting and exhausting journey to get this published, pretty much as a ‘solo effort’, so much so that my inworld activity has been pretty much nil, with me conducting ‘interviews’ via IM or email, and weaving them into a narrative, rather than just cut and pasting chatlogs.

It is also published across several pages, rather than one or two or three big posts. I think this makes it more easily accessible, and I hope I’ve got the hyperlinks all correct so that finishing one page should allow you to click to the next. Let me know what you think, if some link doesn’t work, or if there’s anything you particularly like or dislike. It’s meant to be a magazine for genuine SL naturists, and it’s your magazine, not mine, so if there’s something you want in it, or left out of it, let me know so that Issue 3 (June) can be bigger and better.

Now that Issue 2 is out of the way (for me, but not you, yet) I’ll be making more inworld visits, chilling, exploring and going back to the matter of sticking news up as a post occasionally, or photo essays, or whatever I fancy, and then another period of ‘purdah’ while I work on Issue 3, around about May.

Enjoy the mag, and if you want to feature, IM me. If you’re starting a naturist sim, IM me. If you’ve some news about your existing naturist sim, IM me!!!!! It’s intended to be a mag covering all aspects of SL naturism, and all of us, the readership, want to hear your news and views.

Your SL naturist friend,