Issue 2 cover girl Eva (Evelyn)

Well, you’ve already seen her on the cover, looking stunning, fresh, young and happy, and she’s also pictured on photo page 1, but what’s she like off camera? I chanced upon her one day and asked if she’d like to be featured. She agreed, and so the photo session and interview followed.

Congratulations on being the first cover girl for SL Naturist!

Thanks! I feel like a fraud. For one thing, there’s loads more beautiful avis around, and for another, I change my look, hair mostly, regularly, so what you get now, and another time, might be different. 

We can see that in the ‘glamour’ shots we’ve done of you, and the nude shots.

I change my hair and sometimes my skin. I like to tweak my look. Don’t we all? Essentially, I’m always blonde and always the same shape, which are reflections of the real me. But I like to alter the skin according to the season, paler in winter, more tanned in summer, and the hair’s a constant work in progress, although I have my own favourites which, again, are supposed to reflect the real me.

So tell us some stuff about yourself.

I’m just a girl who plays SL, mostly in winter. I’m outdoorsy in summer, I have to say. I jog, go horse riding, play tennis. SL is very much a seasonal thing for me. 

Are you a RL naturist?

Hahaha! Um…not really. I do like to sunbathe nude, in the privacy of my back yard, just to get a healthier look, and I will go topless on vacation if the chance arises, but I wouldn’t say I’m a RL naturist, no.

Yet you’re a SL naturist?

I love the laidbackness of it all. I do like to hang around naturist sims when I’m online, I have to say. I live a long way away from any nudist beach, so the chance to take my SL experience into RL isn’t an option, but I guess the SL experience of it has given me a different perspective of what it’s all about. Now do you understand why I feel like a fraud?

We’ve all got the chance to re-evaluate our existence via an SL alternative. I don’t think not being a RL naturist bars you from being a SL naturist or, indeed, SL Naturist cover girl. How do you feel about your starring role?

Nervous! It’s OK wandering around sims, but it feels a little different that I’m going to be zoomed off into cyberspace with a lot of images of me, even my cartoon version of me, available. I’m not sure how I feel, actually.

Well, I think it’s clear you look gorgeous, and I’m sure the readers will agree. Once again, thanks for agreeing to be our very first cover girl!

(Glamour shots done at the Photo Square free photo studio. Nude shots at Summer Dreams, SL Naturist HQ and Eden. Photos feature Eva/Evelyn and Ella)

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