Issue 2 Editorial


Welcome to ‘Issue 2’, one I’ve tried to give a kind of magazine format that you’ll maybe read in a linear way, like a conventional magazine, or else dip in and out, zig-zagging your way through its ‘pages’. Its not meant to be a comprehensive guide to SL naturism -we have to leave something over for subsequent issues!- but rather an exploration across some of the sims, and conversations with some of the people I’ve met on the journey.

It has been an interesting and exhausting journey to get this published, pretty much as a ‘solo effort’, so much so that my inworld activity has been pretty much nil, with me conducting ‘interviews’ via IM or email, and weaving them into a narrative, rather than just cut and pasting chatlogs.

It is also published across several pages, rather than one or two or three big posts. I think this makes it more easily accessible, and I hope I’ve got the hyperlinks all correct so that finishing one page should allow you to click to the next. Let me know what you think, if some link doesn’t work, or if there’s anything you particularly like or dislike. It’s meant to be a magazine for genuine SL naturists, and it’s your magazine, not mine, so if there’s something you want in it, or left out of it, let me know so that Issue 3 (June) can be bigger and better.

Now that Issue 2 is out of the way (for me, but not you, yet) I’ll be making more inworld visits, chilling, exploring and going back to the matter of sticking news up as a post occasionally, or photo essays, or whatever I fancy, and then another period of ‘purdah’ while I work on Issue 3, around about May.

Enjoy the mag, and if you want to feature, IM me. If you’re starting a naturist sim, IM me. If you’ve some news about your existing naturist sim, IM me!!!!! It’s intended to be a mag covering all aspects of SL naturism, and all of us, the readership, want to hear your news and views.

Your SL naturist friend,


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