Issue 2 Su Casa Naturist

I’ve mentioned, most positively, Su Casa Naturist in the blog before, and they’ve been kind enough to say some nice things about this blog. So I decided it was time to re-visit the sim for a comprehensive tour. It’s one of the really genuine naturist sims in SL (i.e, nudity does not equal sex, therefore no poseballs).

I’ve visited it regularly, of course, and wrote about it briefly when I wrote on naturist matters on the ‘2ex’ blog (which still appears to be ‘live’, but hasn’t been updated in ages).

I dragged Harry along to help with some photos, and we pick up the tour when I tp’ed in, to find Harry working on some previously taken photos and, incidentally, checking out the SL Naturist blog via the conveniently placed link at the landing point. See any nice photos, Harry? 🙂

We then wandered over to the cafe for a nice cup of tea for me, and a pint of Guinness (at 1100am, Harry???) for my companion,

before sitting outside in the sun for a while and discussing the mag. Not such a ladylike pose, though, is it, haha! 

After that we wandered off to find some Tai Chi poseballs, and I did a little routine while Harry looked bored, or scared, knowing that I’d spotted the Su Casa balloon ride! Yippee!!!! Girl in control!

Um…stop looking down Harry, as if the ground’s about to rise up to meet you too quickly once I turn the burner off. Warning! Breast physics really do come into their own on the balloon ride! 🙂

At this point, Harry bailed out, to get his feet on terra firma, and cast an eye over one of the art displays, photographs from Su Casa users this time, while I inevitably crashed the balloon and ran over to the jacuzzi where Harry eventually joined me to snap off a couple of pix.

After that, we headed back down to the bumper cars. Harry tried one out, but having had enough crashes for one day, I opted to take his camera and show him at the controls (sort of, he eventually hit the wall!) 

There’s more to do at Su Casa, but unfortunately our crashes for the day hadn’t finished, as Harry crashed out of SL, and time ran out for me. But I know that I’ll be back to spend time relaxing on their comfy sunloungers, maybe taking a dip in the sea to cool down, and then having a beach shower before heading back over to the landing point to sit and chat with other users. Maybe you’ll catch me there, reading up on the latest issue of SL Naturist?

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