Finishing the day with some good news! :)

The promised changes at Sweden Naturist appear to have taken place, and what a superb job Evacaroline

has done. I think that’s her in the photo, which Harry took over there while shooting our models, ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ on site.

Apart from looking gorgeous herself, she has left Sweden looking gorgeous too! A jacuzzi (not photographed) is new, as is the new mud wrestling area. Adam and Eve tried it out. The result? One game all, but it rather looks as though Eve has the upper hand in Harry’s photo!

From there, the trio headed over to a new, improved club area for a drink overseen by barmaid Erika Linden.

Neither felt in the mood to dance, but did spy what appears to be a greatly improved ‘lake’ area, now given more depth and interest. The sun certainly made Eve a little sleepy, so Harry captured Adam giving her a gentle massage while she soaked up a few rays of sunshine.

As Adam and Eve headed over to the swing (not new, but a cute animation), Harry ran into Hungarian girl Marta, who agreed to pose for a snap.

Having got her calling card, Harry then joined Adam and Eve at the swing to take a few more photographs.

After what seems to have been a couple of bad days in SL naturism, with the worry of Sweden’s future, and the closure of Karma’s sim, it’s good to know that Sweden, now one of SL’s longest standing naturist locations, is very much alive, well and improved. Evacaroline (here’s another pic in the sim that we think is Eva)

has made subtle, yet marvellous changes to her sim. People like things to change, yet stay the same. The geography and much of the layout is familiar, with just a few nice changes. For this, Evacaroline is to be congratulated for doing a superb job on Sweden, and we very much recommend it as an SL naturist sim worth your time. It’s very much an interactive sim, with a wide range of poseball activities. As well as dancing, cuddling, sitting around jacuzzis (the cuddle rug animations are excellent, and we’ve spent time before now photographing them), Evacaroline has never shied away from the fact that avatars have, well, needs! 🙂 and accommodated them too, in a quiet, subtle, discreet manner. While I usually differentiate between ‘genuine’ naturist locations (no poseballs required) and ‘others’, I have always included Sweden in the ‘genuine’ category, for the subtle and discreet manner in which Evacaroline handles the matter. Sweden, previously excellent, has been given a new depth, and is very much worthy of your time. A superb remake from a long-established friend of SL naturism.


4 thoughts on “Finishing the day with some good news! :)

  1. I am new to SL Naturist and would like to visit some of the places you have covered in ths magazine. So I would like to suggestion/request that you have a listing (with slurls) of all the Naturist resorts/beaches separate from the articles so that it would be easier to explore them. I hope you would find this useful also. I know we could go back are read all past postings to find the slurls, but if you would do that for us I would be very grateful! Also, you may or may not know this, but Susan Paquot of Sunset Paradise is closing it in a couple days. It was a beautiful, cozy, safe, free from harassment naturist beach, open by invitation only. I was only a member there for a short time, but it was a great place to just chill out.

    • eek! I need to edit that post! I meant to say I would like to “make a suggestion/request”. And “we could go back and read…” Can you make those corrections for me? Thanks!

    • Yes, I agree. It’s something I’ve ‘promised’ before now, but not actually got around to doing. I shall address this in the next raft of posts (early next week) and possibly add a page that is dedicated to doing just that 🙂

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