SL replicates RL (No.2)

Another in this occasional series of me attempting to recreate RL photographs I see while scouring the web, and setting them into an SL context. This features two models regularly used by SL Naturist, ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ 🙂 and was, like the last in this series, taken at Buffy’s Cove. Harry (see pics at the bottom of the page)

(Ella adds: Some of you may be familiar with the almost exact recreation of Buffy’s Cove, Teresa Korhonen’s Naked Dreams, part of the Eden Naturopolis series of sims. It’s lovely, and somewhere I’ve visited occasionally and which, inexplicably, has been largely ignored by this blog. In my defence, I will say that Eden is so large that it will take several posts before I have fully shown it all to you. I’ve just nipped over there, and popped off a self portrait to show a similar area as from the Buffy’s photoshoot (below) as to how it does recreate Buffy’s, which Teresa originally designed, of course. in terms of light and geography. Apologies for hijacking Harry’s post, by the way. A full report on Naked Dreams to follow ASAP)

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