The Naked Dreams (Eden Heron) underwater viewing platform

Most of us live on, in or near water in SL. The beach looms exceptionally large in the SL consciousness, and we like to buy island homes with beaches, congregate on beaches, hang out on beaches. Water, water, everywhere…

Ella said in this post that she was a little bit embarrassed that she’d never, yet, covered Teresa Korhonen’s beautiful recreation of her own original build, Buffy’s Cove, at the Eden Heron sim. Well, she shouldn’t feel embarrassed. Eden is so vast that it will require us working around the clock for a few days to cover all of it. And then someone would tell us what we’d missed! 🙂

Of course, Ella hopes to right this oversight soon, and I’ll leave the words to her in a subsequent post, along with receiving her direction on what photos she wants. In the meantime, back to the water…

Teresa’s build at Buffy’s cove had the imagination to understand that the SL world doesn’t stop where we paddle our feet, but goes on under the expanses of water beyond. To that end, she built a marvellous viewing platform of from which to view sea life at Buffy’s, and she has re-created that at Naked Dreams.

Again, the breadth and depth of people’s SL imagination is such that I’m not even going to focus on ‘Naked Dreams’ as a whole, but simply the life that exists in its waters. Do you now understand what a problem we have in attempting to provide comprehensive coverage of Eden? When we’re up against cunning builders whose intelligence and imagination stretches beyond a couple of ‘love scene’ poses on some sand? A wretched job, but someone has to do it, lol.

So…tp’ing into the observation chamber at Naked Dreams, what we witness is a stunningly colourful array of sea life. I don’t really need to say that much. The pictures speak for themselves.

Having snapped off a few pix, I noticed my little punk-pal Josie had come online. ‘Wanna hang out naked? Under the sea?’, I asked, and she agreed. I must say here Josie and I aren’t ‘an item’ and never have been nor are ever likely to be. I’ve had her as a friend for so long we’re just good pals who, when not occasionally hanging out at a nudist sim, like to visit punk rock sims and dance in a ridiculous fashion while listening to the audio feeds provided. So it was with some trepidation that I asked her to step onto the poses provided, marked ‘him’ and ‘her’, but they were thankfully a nice cuddle pose where we could stop, watch the sea life, and catch up on what’s been going on in RL (and SL) since we were both last online together. Has it really been a whole 4 days, lol?

So, while not being quite a ‘naturist’ post, it’s on a naturist sim, (and I did leave my shorts at home!) and shows the level of intelligent build that exists on the Naked Dreams sim. I’ve already been photo-shooting around it for Ella’s post (still more to do/see/photograph, though!) and I’m sure you’ll see the results in subsequent posts.

In the meantime, click the link and see the ‘Naked Dreams’ underwater viewing platform for yourselves.


2 thoughts on “The Naked Dreams (Eden Heron) underwater viewing platform

  1. As always, Tess has created another beautiful and creative space in SL. From the first one I saw many moons ago, to her new builds at Eden. Words can’t really describe the beauty in her work.

  2. I agree, Dandy. I also love the little hidden places she adds to her builds, something that is something of a Tess signature now. While not (deliberately) overly well hidden, the underwater viewing platform is just one of those little gems of discovery that you can find, often unannounced, on her builds.

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