New page added

I’ve added a new page, entitled ‘Vintage’.

It will essentially be Harry’s page. Although SL has only been around for a decade, there’s lots of sims that recreate different eras in history (and the future!). Harry and I talk regularly, as I do with all of the staff, to dream up new ideas for the blog and thus improve and enhance what you’re viewing. We were having a discussion, via email, about history (I’m a history graduate in RL), and decided we liked the idea of what SL would have looked like in the 50s, or 60s (not such a ‘history’ for some of you but, rather, live memories),

With this in mind, Harry rounded up one of his friends, adopted a contemporary 50s look, and has attempted to demonstrate 1950s SL naturism in the first of his photo essays. If it proves to be popular, we’ll retain it as a separate page. If not, we’ll just have Harry do the occasional posting on the main page featuring ‘naturism through the ages’. The nude is a staple of art, and many artists have shown the nude in their work. Not strictly naturism, although many of these nudes have been framed in nature through the centuries.

Have a look and tell us what you think of it.

In other Housekeeping News, I’ve deleted the ‘Mr SL Naturist 2012’ page and made it and the ‘Miss SL Naturist 2012’ page as one.