Male pattern baldness

I often scoot around the existing naturist sims in SL with the intention of checking what’s new, updated, re-arranged and changed.

And although I encounter a lot of bald men in RL and SL, it’s a rarity in SL. I suppose there’s still something about a great head of hair representing male virility (allegedly).

So it’s something of a rarity to see a bald avatar. In fact, so much so I asked this (wishing to remain anonymous) guy, whom I encountered at Sweden Naturist if his hair hadn’t rezzed! Usually, guys will wear a shaved head (with shadow) look as their shortest haircut.

I was politely told that it was a choice to be bald, and that it reflected the guy’s RL. He’d tried hair, but it didn’t look as much like him as he wished himself to be. For the guy in question, his RL baldness had to be reflected in his SL avi.

We also got to talking…how shall I put this?…his luxuriant pubic region. Not the sort of everyday SL conversation I have! Apparently, his prim pubes are from Nearly Tactile (probably the best in SL @ L$250, and my own fluff of choice). I can’t recollect discussing what Nearly Tactile call a ‘man muff’ before, but our model had sized it up by 50% and achieved a particularly ‘hairy down there’ look that stretched around to his bottom and scrotum. We like this (purely in a realism sense, you understand) because it looked great! Guys, if you’re going to be hairy ‘down there’, I think this is a look you may wish to emulate. Furthermore, the addition of a ‘man muff’ seems to eradicate that awkward join between your avi’s body and the penis.


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