Mad day out (the preview)

For those of you who are Beatles fans, you may be familiar with the day in July 1968 when they took a break from recording the White Album to be photographed in various places around London.

This is known in Beatle folklore as the ‘mad day out’, and the photos (above and below) are typical of the sessions that took place that day.

Well, we’ve just had our own ‘mad day out’ at SL Naturist, with all of it captured on film by Harry. The premise was the same. Assemble. Assemble the SLab four (Ella, Eva, Areola and Harry) and go mad, tp’ing all over the place and taking as many photos as possible for the files. Essentially, stock photos that can be wheeled out as and when required.

Now, the idea is to have a stockpile, so we won’t be utilising all of the photos in one or two posts, but we will be letting some of them free next week, so stay tuned for a post on our own ‘mad day out’.

Here’s a couple of outtakes from Harry’s canisters of film, showing Harry’s polaroid test prints of Eva while he fiddled with his light meter. 🙂 More to come on Monday and Tuesday.