It is what it is

When I wrote for Emmanuelle’s 2EX blog (now Jayne’s 2EX blog, but sadly, apparently, defunct) there was a lot of discussion about pubic hair because Emma was a big advocate of it, making the claim that ‘women should look like women, not little girls’.

It wasn’t an issue that vexed me, but it appears the matter does enter people’s minds when reading SL Naturist too. I’ve got an email from a reader who asks why the staff are all ‘natural’ looking in the pubic area. I can’t say I’d really noticed. It’s coincidental. It is what it is. 

It’s not a discussion I’m going to countenance on this blog. People are free to wear what they wish, how they wish, reflecting a reality or a fantasy and we’ll photograph them, chat with them or whatever as the people behind the keyboard and their projected alternative look and life.

My own avi appearance reflects my RL existence, not just in that area, but also in hair colour, style, as best as I can replicate and the fact that I wear glasses. As far as my avi goes, it is what it is.

I won’t be altering my avi’s appearance for anyone other than myself. I won’t be asking the staff or any model, to alter their projected alternative life for anyone other than themselves.

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