New page added

The first fruits of those long hours sourcing items are now in evidence via a just-added page, ‘Naturist Accessories’. Click through to it and you’ll see the sort of things I have in mind for the page, items that add a little touch of realism to the naturist experience in SL. A trip to the RL naturist beach will certainly show people in varying states of undress before, during and after their time lazing in the sun and swimming, and I’m trying to reflect that. Yes, people of both sexes do spend quite a bit of time ‘bottomless’ on a RL naturist beach, for reasons explained on the page. And they do arrive laden with bags of beach essentials.

I know sim owners in SL do try to ensure full nudity at all times, including footwear, to preserve the integrity of their sims, but flip-flops, T shirts, towels in varying forms of wrap ups and wrap arounds, sarongs, pareos and even swimwear are a reality of RL naturism.

I shall keep adding to the page as we items are added, and attempt to weave the photos into some loose narrative in the third person involving Adam and Eve (they’re alts of mine, and exist purely for SL Naturist modelling purposes). I’m not intending to have them as avi’s of independent life, making friends. They are solely for modelling purposes, so if you run into them, don’t ask for an ‘add’, IM me instead please!