We’re constantly searching to bring you more naturist sims in SL. I was exploring earlier and discovered Hypnosis, which is new to me.

I’ve wavered over handing this over to Ella, or reviewing it myself, and decided I’ll do it because the jury’s still out on whether it can be considered a ‘genuine’ or ‘non genuine’ naturist location. As usual, these categories are according to SL Naturist definitions. Genuine sims don’t contain sexual poseballs. Non genuine sims do contain sexual poseballs, which places Hypnosis in the latter category. The poses are, however, largely done in a fairly discreet manner, but the sauna did contain some explicit poses.

Eva at the Hypnosis tp point

I guess how it is defined, by us, will depend largely on the clientele of the sim, and we’ll try and contact the owner to get their input on the place. 

Hypnosis DJ booth

What can I tell you? I like the spacious feel with plenty of beach space and sun loungers, so that there’s a certain ‘feel’ to it, one that suggests the potential for a more sociable naturism. Sometimes, unless it’s a larger build, places (naturist or not) can feel cluttered by detail. We at SL Naturist have said this before. We’ll probably say it again. But Hypnosis feels right in that respect.

Hypnosis beach overview

Beyond some water features, and a main, spacious beach area, are the tiki huts. Available for day hire (L$50), I’m guessing that the bed possibly becomes active on hire, but maybe longer rentals are possible as they offer a 100 prim limit, so maybe the huts are intended for naturist living within the sim.

Hypnosis massage tent

After I’d visited, I IMed Harry and requested he pop along to take some more general shots of the place, and he seemed to be in agreement over the poseballs, suggesting that the sauna, in particular, had a ‘two women for every guy’ sense of sexuality. 

The sauna

I don’t wish to be overly critical of the sexual poses, or dwell on them too much. No one is compelled to use them, and they’re just a small part of the build in general. I still like the ‘feel’ of the place.

Eva was particularly taken with the little details, such as the guitar and watermelon. Nice!

What I’d like to do is get the input of the owner and determine their vision for the place, as Hypnosis certainly has some potential.

I didn’t spot any group joiner, so either that’s a development to come, or else there’s a sense of it being seen as a ‘free’ place.

A fresh looking interior to one of the tiki huts

The best thing I can say is that you maybe pop along and see for yourselves.

Tiki hut with exterior jacuzzi

Words and self portraits by Pookes. Landscape photography by Harry.

Ella adds… The following rules/notes, available by clicking the sign at the tp point, suggests that the owners of Hynosis properly understand naturism, and their bona fides are clearly being established through the production of the notecard (reproduced below). I’ll wait until the owners contact Pookes, (it’s Pookes from now on, she doesn’t wish to be ‘Eva’) and we can maybe get their input, but on balance I would say Hynosis is going to fall into the ‘genuine’ category.


A nudist is one who prefers to be nude whenever possible while socializing.

A nudist is one whose behavior doesn’t change simply because people are nude.

A nudist is one who has respect for others, and doesn’t practice nudism in inappropriate situations.

A nudist is one who has respect for others, and doesn’t stare, stalk, or otherwise behave in a manner that would cause discomfort.

A nudist is one who refrains from using nudism as a sexual opportunity.

A nudist is one who shows no overt interest or fixation on body parts.

A nudist is one who understands the effect bad behavior can have on everyone’s freedom to enjoy social nudism.

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