Mix ‘n’ match at Summer Dreams and Eden

We continue in our ongoing quest to bring you the best accessories a naturist can have in SL. We are also constantly thinking about how we want to enhance our, and subsequently, your naturist experience in SL.

Over at Summer Dream Naturist, you can pick up a free swim attachment. I won’t provide a slurl to Summer Dreams here, but instead point you at the ‘Links to Naturist Locations’ page, where I’ve just added it, and have slapped my forehead in anguish at not including it before now!

Areola takes to the Summer Dreams pool.

Just wear it, hit the ‘fly’ button, and if you’re in water, you’re now swimming! 

Areola does a front crawl in the Eden Conference Centre pool.

I like swimming in SL, and often you’ll find ‘Swim!’ poses set in the sea at various locations, naturist and textile alike. This free attachment from Summer Dreams gives you the freedom to swim anywhere, so for me it’s essential naturist kit, as swimming forms an integral part of our RL and SL naturist experiences.

Relaxing with a rubber ring.

Summer Dreams, I should add, also has a terrific pool with a couple of great, great built in swimming poses and loads of photographic potential. We’ll be reporting from there, in depth, in Issue 3.

Areola catching some rays.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, so to speak, what we don’t find in great supply around the grid are an enormous number of swimming pools at naturist sims. It’s a bit of a search, sometimes. This is a little disappointing, because often pools can form a core location for the social element of SL much more easily than, say, a dance area or cafe. That’s not to say that dance floors or cafes don’t play an important role, but from a personal perspective I like swimming pools.

A rare sight! Ella dons a sarong in the Eden Conference centre canteen.

So what to do? Well…mix ‘n’ match, of course! I sent Areola over to Summer Dreams, firstly, to pick up a swimmie attachment, and subsequently to Eden (Eden generally has everything!!!!) where there’s a lovely little pool at the Eden Celebration sim, just behind the conference centre.

Areola kicks back in the Eden Conference Centre pool.

Well, after a hard evening’s discussions about future posts for SL Naturist, there’s nothing the staff like better than nipping into the pool and getting some nice aerobic exercise.

Ella and Areola discuss future articles for SL Naturist.

Harry joined us to take a few pictures, and we managed to get some quality staff time in, discussing our vision for Issue 3 of the SL Naturist. I confess to feeling a bit tired, so opted not to join Areola in the pool, but as you can see from Harry’s pics, the pool looks fabulous.

Areola waits in vain for the owner of the super looking speedboat.

Remember! Sometimes it’s worth a bit of mix ‘n’ matching, with this accessory from that location, as it can create a whole new look/feel/experience to a sim, or SL activity. The addition of Summer Dreams swimmie attachment does just that in the Eden Celebration pool.

Next up for Areola? Well….. :)….. I’ve asked her to pop on a swimming cossie, initially, and do a bit of exploration of SL’s public swimming pools where maybe, just maybe, we can indulge in a bit of skinny dipping!

Words…Ella. Photos…Harry.