A good tidy up.

I’ve been tidying up bits and bobs the past 48 hours, so much that you wouldn’t notice we’d updated anything. Spelling mistakes, typos, bad grammar and little things like that have been attended to, and much attention paid to the draft articles piling up. Finish them? Scrap them? Rewrite them?

We or, specifically, Harry have amassed a huge selection of photos which I’ve dumped to an external hard drive on the basis that if we’ve not used them already, we probably aren’t going to use them.

Some of the other pages have been ‘updated’ with additional text/photos too, but I’m not going to be publicising them individually. It’s an evolving magazine! Go explore!

Not sure about the photos included here, I have to say. Less naturist, more fantasy/fetish, maybe, but I couldn’t resist the apron and feather duster (both elements of a French maid’s outfit at Plausible Bodies, incidentally) included in a post about ‘spring cleaning’.

Things are quiet on the SL naturist front, so I’m using the time where there’s less to report by tidying up the blog, looking again at draft articles, and that sort of thing. After Thursday, I’m into an elongated period of work, so posting might be a bit thin on the ground next week. My apologies in advance. In the meantime, I’ll try to get a couple of new posts popped up today and tomorrow.



edited to add…I’ve just deleted (after backing up to hard drive) 2.07GB of SL Naturist photos!!!! Harry has over 4GB of SL Naturist photos on his had drive. Granted, some are duplicates, and Harry has passed many to me, but still, between us we must have amassed around 5GB of photos. Wild! 

Deleting many of them, and not getting ground down in the eternal search for suitable pix, allows me to start afresh, and to think about how we represent the mag pictorially from a  fresh start. It has taken over an hour to do a hard drive clean up, but I think we’re good to go, and I can now look at the blog with fresh eyes again. As I said above, I’m onto a long slog of RL work now for the next two weeks, so posting will be limited. We’ve not gone away, though, and we’ll return in just under a fortnight with shiny new articles, ideas and pix.