All the news that’s fit to print…

As a real life naturists I like to keep…ahem!…abreast of what’s going on in the naturist world out there, so I’ve a few sites bookmarked.

Clothes Free International has a news page, and I follow it regularly, as it gives a round-up of naturist news and events from around the globe. Some of it will have a direct interest to me, such as the status of free beaches here in the UK which I can, or cannot, use, according to decrees from local councils. And some of it informs the content of ‘SL Naturist’.

It’s a news aggregator, so stories I might otherwise miss, and which might make for interesting SL Naturist posts, are read, digested and then replicated inworld. This one, of full moon skinny dipping in New Zealand, will certainly make for a future SL Naturist item.

Another one I follow is i-naked, a UK based website with a lot of ‘relevant to my parish’ items. It also links to CFI’s news aggregator page, and its gallery page links to global events we, as naturists, may be interested in. One such gallery features Femen activities, which we posted on earlier.

We are a SL naturist blog, not the real world, so in the main I avoid using pictures from RL, or even mentioning issues pertaining to the RL naturist lifestyle. But occasionally events in the real world inform our blogging, particularly with regard to body consciousness. So we shall keep you informed of RL naturist events and activities in a roundabout sort of way, with posts here reflecting events and attitudes there.

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