Eden: An apology

Whoops! I’m grateful to Brenda for pointing out that I’ve omitted, completely, utterly and without excuse, a slurl to Eden Naturopolis on the ‘live naturist sims’ page. My error.

I’ve corrected that omission now, and it’s maybe time to focus on Eden a bit more. We’ve covered some of the locations (with linked slurls) in previous posts, but the thing is that it’s so big -and we’ve said this in posts- that you cannot simply do the place justice on a single posting here. In many ways, Eden needs to be seen as a series of sims (which it is) with unique and special qualities as one  crosses to other sims on the estate.

The conference centre, yacht club, stage area, apartments, beaches with their own special qualities, sailing…each and every one deserves and will probably get its own post on this blog eventually.

Basically, it’s an unclothed virtual world within the SL world, and I do believe it would be almost possible to live within the Eden sims permanently, with rarely, if ever, any need to tp out, apart from maybe shopping for new hairstyles.

And I would say to any avatar with an interest in naturism or the lifestyle, Eden pretty much represents your starting point.

So to Brenda and Elbag, I say ‘sorry’ again for the oversight, and to everyone I say ‘expect more postings on individual facets of Eden soon (i.e. this time next week when RL can take a back seat for a couple of days and I can get back to giving the blog proper care and attention).