We couldn’t let a week go by without posting something…


Harry here. With Ella committed to real life, I thought I’d pop on and just publish a bunch of random photos I’ve taken in the past. As well as being a SL naturist, and naturist photographer for the blog, I’ve also taken many, many photos of avatars in ‘everyday’ situations, done some nude photo shoots, and been fortunate enough for some avis to utilise these photos as their profile pictures.

I thought that in the absence of any Ella posts, I’d publish a bunch of these older photos for you to have a look at.



Size matters…allegedly

RL has swamped me this week, so I’m holding over this week’s posts until next week, and will do a super-sized number of posts (I hope) on Monday/Tuesday of next week.

In the meantime, if you go here, you can pick up a free T shirt in a hunt (the clue is ‘Michaelangelo may have lost his arms and legs, but you might find something’ -it’s a small ipod you’re looking for- that gives the gift. 🙂

Ho hum…it reminds me of one of the perennial arguments that abound in naturist forums, namely a) is body jewellry OK? b) is hair removal OK? c) circumcised or not? (an argument that raged over at Emmanuelle’s now defunct blog when I wrote for her) and finally d) does size matter?

Actually, it does. We don’t need to see elephantine sized penises (or badly matched skin tones) on avatars. Keep it real, guys. Girls, wear this T shirt as a symbol of your admiration for guys’ sense of realism, as opposed to outlandish physical boasting! Keeping it moderately proportioned displays a sense of self-confidence in your avatar and maybe, by extension, the self-confidence of the person behind the keyboard. Discuss.

See you next week for a proper week’s value of SLN!



Issue 3: Editorial

There has been something of a lull in ‘new builds’, certainly in the naturist sector, in recent weeks. There was a time when new ‘naturist’ locations popped up weekly. Some were sex beaches, some were short lived, some lasted the distance, but the depressed global economy seems to have reduced those willing to take a punt on their own places. Or perhaps it’s because SL naturism is now well and clearly defined into a few, but superior, naturist locations. I can live with this, because we’ll now punch it down to few spots where the emphasis will become one more of social interactivity.

Of course, romance will blossom and sex may occur within these locations (or elsewhere), but maybe a kind of adult (in the sense of it being played out by grown ups with intelligence, rather than a ‘porn’ adult sense) naturism is emerging onto the grid. We shall see. The great thing about SL is that it evolves, constantly.

The theme of Issue 3 is ‘Going to…’ We could have added much, much more, and we will, when we pick it up in Issue 4, published at the beginning of July. In fact, we’re pretty much concluded with it now. Could we squeeze it out before I head off on my own, RL nudie hols at the end of June? Oh…now there’s a thought!

Remember to enjoy your SL (and RL) naturism and be nice to one another.


Issue 3: Going wild at Wild Coast

I guess most of us who are SL naturists have our favourite bookmarks. Limited RL time (you’ve noticed I mostly only post on my days off RL work???? 🙂 ) means I can’t play SL as often as I’d wish, and what time I do devote to SL is spent on this blog rather than actually playing the game.

I don’t mind, as it’s a labour of love, and something I enjoy doing. An increasing readership means we must be pushing the right buttons somewhere along the line, too, and getting through to others who are captivated by a virtual, SL naturism.

When I do get inworld, I certainly do spend time in my favourite naturist sims, and you’ll notice that there’s often subtle updates to the sims to keep them fresh and interesting. With this in mind, I’ve devoted this entire issue to places we’ve largely blogged before.

That’s OK…they’re certainly worth re-visiting again and again. 🙂

I suppose Wild Coast is possibly the oldest, constantly running naturist sim in SL now. Certainly the oldest established ‘genuine’ (by our definition) naturist sims on the grid. And it’s exceptionally popular. With this in mind, Harry (a member, as am I) met up with one of his oldest SL friends, Ali, to show us around Wild Coast as it is, and explain what makes it special for her.

‘I like the sense of space’, explains Ali, ‘so that I can choose to be sociable or not, depending on my mood. If I want to be on my own, or with one or two friends, I can. If I wish to dance and socialise, I can do that too.’

‘I love this picture (above) which Harry took, as it sums up the lazy, lovely, fuzzy feeling Wild Coast can generate. I just think it sums up Wild Coast perfectly’.

‘I suppose the hair effect on this one (above) is due to transparency on some SL textures, but it has the happy coincidence of making my hair look wet, like I’ve just stepped out of that waterfall. I love this pic. I hope Harry’s going to give me a copy!’.

We left Ali to enjoy the sun, and wandered off around the sim by ourselves. As I said, I’m a member, but it has been ages since I visited, so it was fun to see what’s changed recently.

I’ve mixed feelings about posing for the mag myself. One one hand, it’s not about me, so I tend not to want to be photographed too much for it. On the other, as editor, I need to ‘walk the walk’ rather than just ‘talk the talk’, I knew Harry was snapping away, so when he sent me copies of the photos I thought ‘what the hell?’ and decided to stick a couple on the blog. 

The first (above) shows me using a similar poseball to the one utilised by Ali further up the page, but from a different angle. I look so relaxed! 🙂

And (above) I can almost feel the gentle, warm breeze that is blowing the drapes in the photo.

If you haven’t visited Wild Coast, you should. Although there’s a membership fee for the areas in which the above photos were taken, there is also a free area in which you can try out the delights of this delightful sim. More reportage and photos of Wild Coast will appear in Issue 4, and we’re also planning a visit to its sister sim, the more raunchy Turtle Beach.


Issue 3: Going Green (Socially responsible naturism)

The INF (International Naturist Federation) defined naturism as ‘living in harmony with nature, expressed through personal and social nudity, and characterised by respect of people with different opinions and for the environment’.

Each of us, in our RL naturism, have a responsibility to look after not only the naturist environments we enjoy, but a wider responsibility to our living spaces in a wider context.

That means we should be cleaning up after us and, if we all do it, we leave a beach in as pristine a condition as we hopefully found it. And if we found it in slightly less than pristine condition (although my experience is that naturists are pretty good at taking their beach detritus with them), then picking up and binning a couple of bits of litter we didn’t generate means we’re doing our own little bit to improve our environment.

In SL, interestingly, genuine naturist sim builders have either consciously or subconsciously adopted this approach. I prefer to think of it as conscious thinking to the issue, a subliminal message that each of us take responsibility to our environment.

Next time you visit a beach, naturist or textile, remember to bag your rubbish when leaving, and take it home with you. That way, our RL beaches can remain as litter free as our SL beaches.


Issue 3: Going loopy at Lupe’s

Lupe’s is a relatively new naturist location, described as ‘magical’ (and it is!) which is also a home for faerie folk. It is, as described, a ‘magic forest’.

While the faerie folk may find lush green glades in which to do whatever it is faerie folk do in SL. Pardon my ignorance, but I’ve never indulged in roleplay of any kind in SL, historical, Gor, faeries, merfolk, so I’m not quite sure on their activities.

It’s a stunning build of woodlands, beaches, ruins etc, so there’s an element of something for everyone. This makes it sound like a mish-mash. It isn’t. It’s a superbly well done sim that is spacious enough to permit each group to act independently or interact.

I’ve not actually encountered any faerie folk there, so I’m not sure if they remain in character during conversation or adopt a human persona during conversation.

Leaving that aside, it IS a naturist island, and nudity is required, so we at SLN are all in favour of that!

There’s quite a bit to see and do around the island, so we advise you visit forthwith.

(nb: We go to press with this article ‘unfinished’. Howie and Lupe’s owner, Darky, have been in conversation, and I will be contacting him myself, with a view to getting his own input into his hopes and ambitions for Lupe’s. I shall either tack that input onto this post, or publish a new standalone post next week, and link between the two articles. Ella)

Issue 3: Photo page

Another quick round up of images sent in to the mag. If you’d like to have your own photo features, please send it in. (nb: I’m having trouble with our email currently, so if it seems to reject your attachment, try again a little later until I get the settings correct).

(Above) A model who wishes to remain anonymous 🙂

And finally, or maybe not 🙂 we feature Claudia, wading into the blue sea around Mykonos, featured in our ‘Travel Supplement’. 

Claudia also provides the…um…scenery for our back cover!

Issue 3: Next time…

…Perspectives of Eden

The staff all visit Eden and take us on a tour of their favourite little locations around this naturist mega-sim

…’Wild Naturism’

Stripping off in non-naturist sims (without frightening the natives)

…Is there a place for RL naturism in SL?

Should naturist organisations from the real world be adopting a naturist presence in Second Life?

…a new male writer!

Yes! Finally! A male perspective on SL naturism (yes, we know it’s a picture of a girl in a bikini with a beach ball…but all will be revealed, lol! 🙂 )

…and whatever else we manage to finish off on time.

ISSUE 4 of the SL Naturist will be published on or around Wednesday, June 20th, 2012! Place your order now!!!!