‘Gay’ naturism in SL

I have mixed feelings about ‘gay’ locations in SL, naturist or otherwise. On one hand, it’s cool that gays and lesbians have locations where they can meet other people of similar sexual orientation. On the other, I hate labels, particularly those that label people according to sexuality, colour, creed, or anything else.

We’re all just….people! Or avatars!

Being ‘straight’ (there’s that horrible labelling again!) I don’t really want to be ‘hit on’ by lesbians if I opt to wander around a lesbian nudist beach, and neither do I wish to be ejected from a gay, male sim for being female. So for this post I’ve had to dig out my alts, Adam and Eve, that I occasionally use when I need models quick. Adam and Eve are little more than bots, and I don’t ‘friend’ anyone with them. But I’ve decided that we do need to address, and link to, and comment on, ‘gay’ naturist locations in SL.

Firstly, as ‘Adam’, I tp’ed into the Gay Nude Beach and Mall which is as it says, a beach with a mall attached to it. As usual, I’d donned swimwear for tp’ing into a new location (as myself or as one of the alts), for fear of offending anyone, but there was no one else around to check just how rigid any  naturist dress code might be.

From there it was to the Spurt Gay Mens Nude Beach. A couple of cute, naked men were by the entrance, but those gathering on the beach didn’t appear to have grasped the concept of ‘nudity’. It was quite busy, though, so if the social element is your thing, then I guess this might be a good place to begin your gay, naturist travels. I also spent some time in the adjacent Gay Mall, which contains a good selection of ‘all things gay’, from posing pouches to furniture.

After that I headed to the 3Bears resort which, again, had no one else around, so I explored the shops which contained items suitable for ‘bears’ in the gay community.

Finally, success (of sorts) at the Hidden Valley Gay Resort, which encourages nudity from the moment of arrival and is clear about it. Disappointingly there was no one around here either (although I should point out that I was scooting around from one place to another in European late afternoon/north American lunchtime, so not an optimum time for exploration).

‘Adam’ rides a Segway at the Gay Archipelago

Hence to the Gay Archipelago. Once again, few people around and no evidence of naturism, despite turning up in a search for naturist locations. Still, ‘Adam’ had fun riding a Segway around the sim. Last time I saw one was at Alicante airport on my way back from my last RL naturist hols, and an airport worker was using it to get around an expansive terminal. Gay Archipelago advertises itself as a francophone sim, (french speaking), as does the next one, the French Lovers Resort,

I loved the build here. It had a Mediterranean ‘feel’ to it, and a nice gym that I explored, but as with the others, it was hard to tell how ‘naturist’ the sim was.

Logging back in as ‘Eve’, I then set to exploring lesbian orientated naturist locations, starting with Lesbian Nude Beach, a small adjunct of Slutland. Hmm….not really our thing at all, is it? Yet it’s advertised as lesbian/naturist.

I moved swiftly on to Bare Buns Lesbian Once again, no one around to test the extent of naturism within, but it’s a nice sim build.

And that….rather quickly, was that. Given that some ludicrously large percentage of SL ‘females’ are allegedly male, I’d have imagined there would have been more lesbian orientated/naturist sims, but that appeared to be the lot.

I can’t speak about how good or bad they were (not enough avis to gauge), and what poses are available are irrelevant to us, period, but hopefully, if you’re gay or lesbian, the above links should point you in the right direction. If you do choose to use them, maybe you could report back to us on your favourites, or not.

But more importantly than that, maybe we need to focus less on labels and embrace our fellow man or woman as humans, not tagged sub-sets of SL humanity.

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