It’s great to get back to SL

An update. My mother ended up back in hospital, third time in a week, on Friday, but this time she’s had the opportunity to get different medicine that has improved her condition, and she’s looking well and, hopefully, will be back home later this week.

Actually, her being (and staying) in hospital was a weight off my mind, as I knew she was getting proper care and I wasn’t having to run back and forward from her house in dread that I might find her unconscious or worse.

What has this to do with SL? Nothing and everything.

Thanks to my friends who read the blog, whom I’ve never met but with whom I form part of a little virtual community, and who’ve enquired about my personal situation. Getting better, as I’ve told you! 🙂 for the reasons given.

Now, if only we could do something about this wretched weather! It’s May, it’s cold (5 degrees) and there has been a steady, rainy-season-like downpour all day. It’s a bank holiday (so it inevitably rains in the UK). Usually, this time of year, I’m hoping to move into jogging shorts and flip flops when at home. I’ve had the heat on, a winter pullover on and socks on on this, my first day of three off work. Grrrr! Will summer ever arrive?

And it has been fabulous to use our little online community to escape from RL, to simply explore, meet, chat with others inworld and forget, albeit temporarily, the  demands of RL.

So…hopefully a few new posts later today, tomorrow and Wednesday.