SL Naturist Profiles No.2: Jan

I’ve been going on about some lengthy pieces for the blog for some time now. Each time I think one specific one is ‘finished’, I’ll run into someone whose perspective alters the piece, and while it’s not a complete re-write, it means major changes.

One piece is on ‘older avatars in SL’, and specifically SL naturism (of course!). This week, I ran into relatively new player Jan, who is another person who has tried to reflect her age. We met up at the cafe in Su Casa, to share a couple of coffees and talk about her experiences.

Ella: What brought you into SL?

Jan: Oh…Farmville! I was playing that through Facebook and someone mentioned Second Life. That sounded like more fun, and it is.

Ella: And what then brought you to SL naturism?

Jan: I have been a naturist in real life. Well, perhaps not a naturist. I am not some disciple of it. But if I go on holidays and there is a nude beach I’m not afraid to strip off. I didn’t intend to be a naturist in SL. It just sort of happened while exploring for beach locations.

Ella: And what came first? Your naturism or your age-accurate avatar?

Jan: The naturism. I had picked up freebies, skin and hair, and the avatar looked OK. But it wasn’t me…

Ella:…it’s something I’ve hear before….

Jan:….and so I bought stuff to be more like me. I’m in my late 50s. I think my avatar should reflect that.

Ella: It’s an idealised fantasy. You can be what you want.

Jan: Sure, but being a 20 something girl is not my experience. And I think you maybe give yourself away trying to be something you are not. Me trying to be a 20 year old girl doesn’t work. Do I go to dance clubs? Do I turn the sound up to listen to music I don’t like? Do I converse with 20 year old boys? How can I relate to them, other than as a mother?

Ella: Yes, I understand that completely. So…the white hair came along.

Jan: Yeah. It’s more like how I am. And I widened my body shape to be more like me. I felt much more comfortable with the avatar when I pulled the look together.

Ella: What else interests you in SL?

Jan: I just love to explore people’s imaginations. Some are just wild in the things they build. On the down side, it’s often a homogenic experience. I’d love it if SL were constructed in a manner that allowed people to build more deserts, rainforests, swamps. You know? Different geographies with different cultural experiences. It’s difficult to find any replicated experience of Africa or Brazilian rainforest. It would be nice to set down in Brazil, pop on a loincloth and learn about the dangers facing tribes there. It could be a good cultural experience. Sometimes, though, it feels like it’s a shopping mall experience from beginning to end. I do try and avoid that.

(more with Jan in the forthcoming posting on older avatars in Second Life).

Eden Naturopolis (the central hub)

I’ve picked this map up off Eden’s own blog pages (I trust no one will mind), and I should remind you those thorough and excellent pages can be found here. The map should help you orientate yourself around the central tp point and its attractions, prior to venturing further into the many wonders Eden has to offer. Click the map to enlarge it.

And, of course, if I’m going to mention that central area, I suppose it makes sense to offer you a selection of our own photographs from in and around it.

Search terms

One issue of running this blog is that I can see the search terms which people type in, and horrifyingly link to this blog.

‘Naturist teens’, ‘naturist children’ and ‘young girls’ are just three of the terms which have come up, more than once.

Let me make one thing very, very clear. You will not, and never will, find photographs of children on this blog. In fact, unless there’s some ‘nudes in the news’ to which we can link with some justification (such as Veena Malik, or Ai Weiwei) we don’t even include ‘real life’ photos of adults, and consenting adult naturists at that (i.e. voyeured naturism is an invasion of privacy with which we deplore).

This is a blog focused exclusively on Second Life naturism. There are more than enough naturist photo sites out there for real life photos, shot with or without the models’ consent.

Sadly, I can’t see the ISPs of those nauseating individuals searching for ‘naturist children’, otherwise I would have absolutely no hesitation in reporting those ISPs to the authorities.


Eden Osprey (Terranova North)

One small problem I have with Eden is the uncertainty of which sections are rented out, private and, just occasionally, ‘off limits’. I’ve spent quite a bit of time zooming around and collecting LMs with a view to doing photoshoots from here or there. And I don’t like to barge into what is sometimes private property.                                                                         Judy poses on a rather rickety bridge at Eden Osprey

However, one location where there seems to be little or no activity is Eden Osprey (Terranova North), which apart from a small weather station, a couple of bridges and a motor cruiser moored in the bay, is Robinson Crusoe territory. (Ha! We should build a shack on the beach and claim squatters’ rights!!! 🙂 )

Judy is our model this time, and the sights of Eden Osprey are shown in her photoshoot there.

What is awe-inspiring, though, is that Brenda and Elbag lavish the same love and attention on such locations, which aren’t rented out (we didn’t spot a rental box). Maybe it IS owned. The neighbouring island, Eden Skua, certainly has evidence of life on it, so if you’re going to visit, don’t cross the bridge onto Skua and infringe the owner’s privacy.

(If Eden Osprey IS owned, perhaps Brenda or Elbag could let me know so that I can de-link the slurl).

New photos

A mixture of photos taken by Harry. There isn’t much in the way of ‘news’ to report from the various naturist locations on the grid, so I thought I’d kick off today’s posts with a collection of photos we’ve gathered over the past week.