Vacation Special: Editorial


You probably weren’t expecting this! 

We have regular editorial meetings, either by email, IM or occasionally inworld. It’s best that everyone involved gets to throw their ideas into the pot and see how best we can improve the mag. The re-design I’ve already sent ‘live’ is one of those improvements, for the reasons I gave in the posts relating to it.

And in the background we’ve been beavering away to bring you this, a ‘supplement’ to the mag, highlighting some of the ‘global’ locations you can visit in SL and indulge in various modes of undress. Not all are true naturist locations, but naturism may be possible, discreetly, taking our cue from real life equivalents.

Mykonos in Greece has various nudist beaches, and tolerance for naturists and naturism. Its SL equivalent does turn up in searches for naturism in SL, so it’s clearly tolerated inworld too. This was the jumping on point for this entire supplement to the mag.

From there, we decided to hunt down as many alternative ‘clothes optional’ arenas as we could and present some sort of current SL overview to inworld naturism (or ‘nudist friendly’) as we could. Have we missed anything out? Probably. If so, let us know and we’ll do something to fix it.

Have we deliberately left anything out? Yes. Those usual sex beaches posing as ‘nudist’ locations remain off our radar.

Is there anything we’d like to see added? For sure. A Francophone naturist sim would be nice, as would a German language one. Brazil’s fairly coy about its naturism in SL, despite a thriving naturist ‘industry’ in the real world and those ever decreasing bikinis and, following the fashion, pubic grooming Brazilian women like (or endure, I don’t know), so a Portuguese language naturist sim would be good. And while the US is heavily represented in naturist sims, such as Wild Coast, we’ve not included it here because a) there’s a report on it coming in regular Issue 3 of the mag and b) it isn’t particularly representative of the US. I guess South Beach in Miami would be one of the prime coastal, public, naturist beaches in the US, but Wild Coast really doesn’t reflect a north American ‘feel’ to a sim (this isn’t a criticism by the way, simply an observation).

I hope you enjoy reading though this special supplement, and I’ll finish by just letting you know that Issue 3 is well underway, probably published in early June. Certainly before the end of June, when I jet off for another week’s lounging in the sun with the family.

Between now and then there will, of course, be regular postings.

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best clothes optional locations SL can offer on a whistle-stop tour of the globe.


Vacation Special : FKK

Some people don’t seem to know what FKK is. Some (in SL) even think it’s a coy way of saying ‘f***’.

FKK is an acronym for ‘freikoerperkultur’, or ‘free body culture’. Essentially….naturism!!!

FKK gets a mention in this post, and the wiki definition is here.

Despite it being such a core part of the naturism, and Germany being home to the naturist movement (yes, others will disagree, but I agree with the wiki definition of naturist origins).

The first club opened in Germany, in 1903, as part of the ‘lebensreform’ movement, focused on health and exercise, and all over Europe, in France, Croatia, Spain, you’ll find signs referring to the ‘FKK Playa’ or ‘FKK Plage’. French, Spanish or any other country have adopted their own acronym to describe the presence of naturism. ‘FKK’ is now, for those wishing to enjoy the benefits of social naturism, an adopted shorthand for a nudist beach across Europe.

Typically German beach hut as found on the ‘Ostsee’ (Baltic Sea)

Despite the German origins or the movement, and a large German (and central European) presence in SL, there doesn’t currently appear to be any great sense of German, or German language, naturism in SL, nor has there been since the closure of ‘7 Hills’ some months ago.

This is disappointing, because Germans have a very relaxed and ‘who cares?’ attitude to non-sexual nudity that is refreshing and forward thinking. We should all adopt such an attitude to our wonderful, individual, beautiful bodies and be proud of the skin we’re in.

Yes, there are German orientated ‘fkk’ sims in SL, but they’re tightly linked to ‘sex beaches’, so I’m not going to slurl them. Previously, there was also a Czech naturist sim (Czech in that it was the dominant language) in SL.

Central Europeans are currently poorly represented in naturist terms in SL (and Francophone naturist sims are as rare as hen’s teeth, historically). Hopefully, some German speaker will address this in the near future and consider establishing a central European themed FKK venue in SL, one where German speakers, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and so on can enjoy communal, SL naturism.

There is one Francophone, naturist, sim, French Lover’s Resort, but it advertises itself as being a ‘naturist gay zone’. I don’t think I mentioned it in our exploration of gay naturist sites in SL (see a previous post). I’m not sure if, by ‘gay’ it means solely gay, or if lesbians are permitted or encouraged to use it too. It’s a beautiful, imaginatively laid out sim in any case, well worth seeing and with an air of France about it.

Vacation Special : Greece is the word

We’re avid explorers here at SLN, trying to bring you the best naturist locations around the grid. This means us doing searches, and being inventive in our search terms, to find new locations.

One of our searches, for ‘nudist’ locations, recently brought up the ‘Mykonos Greece’ sim. We need to be grateful to Harry for this one, as it is he who likes to explore SL as certainly as he does RL for places ‘with good light’. The Mediterranean certainly has ‘good light’ for photographic purposes in RL, and this is replicated in SL with a lot of whitewashed buildings that put a brilliance on the screen that makes it easy to take great photos.

But is it naturist? The evidence, thus far, is ‘no’, simply based on the lack of naturists using the sim, but probably ‘yes’ in the sense that the real Mykonos has a very laid back and tolerant approach to naturism, with plenty of naturist beaches on the island.

Next to the beautifully constructed Mykonos sim is a Greek windmills sim, again, very accurately done, and if you visit that location, then follow this youtube link to see a travelogue of Mykonos, and be astounded at how the real version has been so superbly recreated in SL (no nudity in the video, incidentally).

The sim is owned by Mina Bianco, whose profile is simply the following youtube video, which I guess sums up her feelings towards Greece and is, I feel, a very accurate description of a proud, beautiful people whom I’ve had the pleasure of sharing time with on more than one occasion on the beautiful island of Zante (on the other side of the Greek mainland, very firmly in the Med, as opposed to Mykonos, further east, where the Med borders the Aegean Sea) and on the mainland itself.

The country and its people are beautiful, friendly, warm and charming and I feel for them in times of current economic crisis laid on them by their, or more accurately, European Union politicians. I don’t usually ‘do politics’ in the context of this blog, but I will say one thing about Greece’s current economic plight. The sooner it leaves the wretched Euro currency and reverts to the Drachma and takes hold of its own future and destiny, the better. Make no mistake, this is a battle to be won as surely as the Peloponnesian Wars (Peloponnesia, incidentally, is the Greek ‘headland’ which features Zante to the west, and Mykonos the the east of it).

Vacation Special : Japan’s bath houses

I’m not certain there’s any established Japanese naturism. If there is, I’ve certainly never heard of it. What there is, though, is onsen -hot springs baths- which were apparently mixed sex and nude (the whole family went) and while bathing rituals continue, they’ve apparently become more single-sex, particularly in urban areas.

However, the mixed sex nature of the onsen persist in SL, so I’ve added it into this ‘Vacation Special’. Various onsen exist in SL, so use the search facility to locate them. 

As with many elements of Japanese culture, at least as far as westerners are concerned, there is a whole ritual invovled, and this is outlined to some extent in the wiki link (above).

Bathers in an onsen. Note that both are wearing towels IN the water

The sento is another word for these bath houses, which sometimes allow the carrying of a small towel for ‘modesty’ while walking between the changing area and baths, but it is considered unclean to immerse that in water, so bathers fold the towel and place it on their heads.

I would suggest that those who visit the onsen available in SL maybe take their cue from any Japanese users of the baths with regard to dress code, and follow their lead accordingly. While not strictly naturist, there are opportunities for ‘clothes optional’ play in SL in these baths.

Almost all of SL’s onsen offer free towels for wear in and out of the water. I’ve picked up copies of these where I can, because they can also be utilised in other, non Japanese naturist environments. It’s not untypical to see naturists wrap themselves in towels on exiting the sea, to dry themselves off before returning to their sunbathing, and I’ve worn these onsen type towels within several naturist sims inworld.


There’s no two ways about it. If we’re on a ‘travelogue’ around naturist locations in SL, then Skinny Dip Inn (or SDI) must be included. But it’s not a ‘genuine’, by our definition, naturist location. Nevertheless, we felt it had to be counted in, as it maybe reflects an American/Caribbean sense of ‘naturism’, more accurately ‘nudism’, with a fairly close relative, in RL, being Hedonism, the resort in Negril, Jamaica, which has naturist areas, and also caters for -allegedly- ‘swingers’, although the resort denies this.

I’ve not been, and am not inclined to do so, but I felt that SDI was maybe a kind of SL equivalent.



It’s a nice build, as the photographs show, but I didn’t like the constant pestering from men in IMs, perhaps one reason why Ella has never featured it before (Ella adds: I’ve not allowed it to feature, regarding it as a meat market, but in the context of this special SLN supplement, and ‘nude’ venues around the grid, some of which reflect the mood and feel of RL naturist equivalents, I’ve temporarily suspended my own feelings for the sake of presenting a rounded ‘global’ view of SL naturist. Yes, I agree Areola, SDI’s RL equivalent would probably be Hedonism).

Vacation Special : Evolution of the cover

Hi, Harry here with a little photo essay on how we managed to arrive at the final cover for this SL Naturist supplement, the Vacation Special.

cropped version of the photo used on the front cover

As Ella has already explained, SL replicates RL to some extent and there’s a good deal of tolerance for the nude form as long as you opt to know the boundaries, i.e. stay away from sims where it may cause offence (PG sims, religious themed sims, etc).

original photo

I knew when Mykonos was shown to us that the light in the sim, as it would in RL, was going to be the place for a photoshoot. As it ended up, I did several there, and knew that it would make a perfect spot for the front cover of the vacation special. 

alternatively cropped photo for the cover

I did, often, stray away from Mykonos’ small nudist beach and into the town’s bright and airy alleyways to do several shoots with several models, but meeting Larissa, Greek herself, was perfect, and I knew I would utilise her as our cover model if she was agreeable to the idea. Happily, she was, with caveats. 

first draft of the title banner (rejected)

Larissa decided she didn’t want her genitalia splashed all over the blog world, so we had to find specific poses. I was happy to do this, as she’s an exceptionally pretty girl, and also because it replicates the covers to RL naturist magazines to a large degree. No genitalia is shown, and there may be banners strategically placed on the front covers. This to get the covers to an acceptable level of  imagery to pass muster on newsagents shelves.

the front cover takes shape

She did pose for me ‘full frontal’, as the old phrase runs, but I opted not to use these shots anyway, although I would certainly have complied with her requests. (And I think she secretly loves the copies of all the shots I gave her! 🙂 )

You can see the process of developing the cover in the photos above and below, until we finally arrive at the finished article which you’ve already viewed. Your copy of SL Naturist always will be free, but I couldn’t help but add a ‘price tag’ to the corner of the cover, just as RL magazines print their prices on the cover. 🙂

the final version

I’ve also added (below) some of the ‘outtakes’ from the session, taken in different locations on the island, as we searched for the cover we wanted. My reasoning for the final picture was it gave me an area of stucco plaster to work the text on, and also showed some sky, building and orange grove which summed up the magic of Mykonos.

Alternative models are shown