Vacation Special: Editorial


You probably weren’t expecting this! 

We have regular editorial meetings, either by email, IM or occasionally inworld. It’s best that everyone involved gets to throw their ideas into the pot and see how best we can improve the mag. The re-design I’ve already sent ‘live’ is one of those improvements, for the reasons I gave in the posts relating to it.

And in the background we’ve been beavering away to bring you this, a ‘supplement’ to the mag, highlighting some of the ‘global’ locations you can visit in SL and indulge in various modes of undress. Not all are true naturist locations, but naturism may be possible, discreetly, taking our cue from real life equivalents.

Mykonos in Greece has various nudist beaches, and tolerance for naturists and naturism. Its SL equivalent does turn up in searches for naturism in SL, so it’s clearly tolerated inworld too. This was the jumping on point for this entire supplement to the mag.

From there, we decided to hunt down as many alternative ‘clothes optional’ arenas as we could and present some sort of current SL overview to inworld naturism (or ‘nudist friendly’) as we could. Have we missed anything out? Probably. If so, let us know and we’ll do something to fix it.

Have we deliberately left anything out? Yes. Those usual sex beaches posing as ‘nudist’ locations remain off our radar.

Is there anything we’d like to see added? For sure. A Francophone naturist sim would be nice, as would a German language one. Brazil’s fairly coy about its naturism in SL, despite a thriving naturist ‘industry’ in the real world and those ever decreasing bikinis and, following the fashion, pubic grooming Brazilian women like (or endure, I don’t know), so a Portuguese language naturist sim would be good. And while the US is heavily represented in naturist sims, such as Wild Coast, we’ve not included it here because a) there’s a report on it coming in regular Issue 3 of the mag and b) it isn’t particularly representative of the US. I guess South Beach in Miami would be one of the prime coastal, public, naturist beaches in the US, but Wild Coast really doesn’t reflect a north American ‘feel’ to a sim (this isn’t a criticism by the way, simply an observation).

I hope you enjoy reading though this special supplement, and I’ll finish by just letting you know that Issue 3 is well underway, probably published in early June. Certainly before the end of June, when I jet off for another week’s lounging in the sun with the family.

Between now and then there will, of course, be regular postings.

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best clothes optional locations SL can offer on a whistle-stop tour of the globe.


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