Vacation Special : Evolution of the cover

Hi, Harry here with a little photo essay on how we managed to arrive at the final cover for this SL Naturist supplement, the Vacation Special.

cropped version of the photo used on the front cover

As Ella has already explained, SL replicates RL to some extent and there’s a good deal of tolerance for the nude form as long as you opt to know the boundaries, i.e. stay away from sims where it may cause offence (PG sims, religious themed sims, etc).

original photo

I knew when Mykonos was shown to us that the light in the sim, as it would in RL, was going to be the place for a photoshoot. As it ended up, I did several there, and knew that it would make a perfect spot for the front cover of the vacation special. 

alternatively cropped photo for the cover

I did, often, stray away from Mykonos’ small nudist beach and into the town’s bright and airy alleyways to do several shoots with several models, but meeting Larissa, Greek herself, was perfect, and I knew I would utilise her as our cover model if she was agreeable to the idea. Happily, she was, with caveats. 

first draft of the title banner (rejected)

Larissa decided she didn’t want her genitalia splashed all over the blog world, so we had to find specific poses. I was happy to do this, as she’s an exceptionally pretty girl, and also because it replicates the covers to RL naturist magazines to a large degree. No genitalia is shown, and there may be banners strategically placed on the front covers. This to get the covers to an acceptable level of  imagery to pass muster on newsagents shelves.

the front cover takes shape

She did pose for me ‘full frontal’, as the old phrase runs, but I opted not to use these shots anyway, although I would certainly have complied with her requests. (And I think she secretly loves the copies of all the shots I gave her! 🙂 )

You can see the process of developing the cover in the photos above and below, until we finally arrive at the finished article which you’ve already viewed. Your copy of SL Naturist always will be free, but I couldn’t help but add a ‘price tag’ to the corner of the cover, just as RL magazines print their prices on the cover. 🙂

the final version

I’ve also added (below) some of the ‘outtakes’ from the session, taken in different locations on the island, as we searched for the cover we wanted. My reasoning for the final picture was it gave me an area of stucco plaster to work the text on, and also showed some sky, building and orange grove which summed up the magic of Mykonos.

Alternative models are shown

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