Vacation Special : FKK

Some people don’t seem to know what FKK is. Some (in SL) even think it’s a coy way of saying ‘f***’.

FKK is an acronym for ‘freikoerperkultur’, or ‘free body culture’. Essentially….naturism!!!

FKK gets a mention in this post, and the wiki definition is here.

Despite it being such a core part of the naturism, and Germany being home to the naturist movement (yes, others will disagree, but I agree with the wiki definition of naturist origins).

The first club opened in Germany, in 1903, as part of the ‘lebensreform’ movement, focused on health and exercise, and all over Europe, in France, Croatia, Spain, you’ll find signs referring to the ‘FKK Playa’ or ‘FKK Plage’. French, Spanish or any other country have adopted their own acronym to describe the presence of naturism. ‘FKK’ is now, for those wishing to enjoy the benefits of social naturism, an adopted shorthand for a nudist beach across Europe.

Typically German beach hut as found on the ‘Ostsee’ (Baltic Sea)

Despite the German origins or the movement, and a large German (and central European) presence in SL, there doesn’t currently appear to be any great sense of German, or German language, naturism in SL, nor has there been since the closure of ‘7 Hills’ some months ago.

This is disappointing, because Germans have a very relaxed and ‘who cares?’ attitude to non-sexual nudity that is refreshing and forward thinking. We should all adopt such an attitude to our wonderful, individual, beautiful bodies and be proud of the skin we’re in.

Yes, there are German orientated ‘fkk’ sims in SL, but they’re tightly linked to ‘sex beaches’, so I’m not going to slurl them. Previously, there was also a Czech naturist sim (Czech in that it was the dominant language) in SL.

Central Europeans are currently poorly represented in naturist terms in SL (and Francophone naturist sims are as rare as hen’s teeth, historically). Hopefully, some German speaker will address this in the near future and consider establishing a central European themed FKK venue in SL, one where German speakers, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and so on can enjoy communal, SL naturism.

There is one Francophone, naturist, sim, French Lover’s Resort, but it advertises itself as being a ‘naturist gay zone’. I don’t think I mentioned it in our exploration of gay naturist sites in SL (see a previous post). I’m not sure if, by ‘gay’ it means solely gay, or if lesbians are permitted or encouraged to use it too. It’s a beautiful, imaginatively laid out sim in any case, well worth seeing and with an air of France about it.

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