Vacation Special : Greece is the word

We’re avid explorers here at SLN, trying to bring you the best naturist locations around the grid. This means us doing searches, and being inventive in our search terms, to find new locations.

One of our searches, for ‘nudist’ locations, recently brought up the ‘Mykonos Greece’ sim. We need to be grateful to Harry for this one, as it is he who likes to explore SL as certainly as he does RL for places ‘with good light’. The Mediterranean certainly has ‘good light’ for photographic purposes in RL, and this is replicated in SL with a lot of whitewashed buildings that put a brilliance on the screen that makes it easy to take great photos.

But is it naturist? The evidence, thus far, is ‘no’, simply based on the lack of naturists using the sim, but probably ‘yes’ in the sense that the real Mykonos has a very laid back and tolerant approach to naturism, with plenty of naturist beaches on the island.

Next to the beautifully constructed Mykonos sim is a Greek windmills sim, again, very accurately done, and if you visit that location, then follow this youtube link to see a travelogue of Mykonos, and be astounded at how the real version has been so superbly recreated in SL (no nudity in the video, incidentally).

The sim is owned by Mina Bianco, whose profile is simply the following youtube video, which I guess sums up her feelings towards Greece and is, I feel, a very accurate description of a proud, beautiful people whom I’ve had the pleasure of sharing time with on more than one occasion on the beautiful island of Zante (on the other side of the Greek mainland, very firmly in the Med, as opposed to Mykonos, further east, where the Med borders the Aegean Sea) and on the mainland itself.

The country and its people are beautiful, friendly, warm and charming and I feel for them in times of current economic crisis laid on them by their, or more accurately, European Union politicians. I don’t usually ‘do politics’ in the context of this blog, but I will say one thing about Greece’s current economic plight. The sooner it leaves the wretched Euro currency and reverts to the Drachma and takes hold of its own future and destiny, the better. Make no mistake, this is a battle to be won as surely as the Peloponnesian Wars (Peloponnesia, incidentally, is the Greek ‘headland’ which features Zante to the west, and Mykonos the the east of it).

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