There’s no two ways about it. If we’re on a ‘travelogue’ around naturist locations in SL, then Skinny Dip Inn (or SDI) must be included. But it’s not a ‘genuine’, by our definition, naturist location. Nevertheless, we felt it had to be counted in, as it maybe reflects an American/Caribbean sense of ‘naturism’, more accurately ‘nudism’, with a fairly close relative, in RL, being Hedonism, the resort in Negril, Jamaica, which has naturist areas, and also caters for -allegedly- ‘swingers’, although the resort denies this.

I’ve not been, and am not inclined to do so, but I felt that SDI was maybe a kind of SL equivalent.



It’s a nice build, as the photographs show, but I didn’t like the constant pestering from men in IMs, perhaps one reason why Ella has never featured it before (Ella adds: I’ve not allowed it to feature, regarding it as a meat market, but in the context of this special SLN supplement, and ‘nude’ venues around the grid, some of which reflect the mood and feel of RL naturist equivalents, I’ve temporarily suspended my own feelings for the sake of presenting a rounded ‘global’ view of SL naturist. Yes, I agree Areola, SDI’s RL equivalent would probably be Hedonism).

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