We don’t normally blog items like skin and hair. Other blogs do it, and do it well, so why duplicate?

However, when we saw this skin, aptly named ‘Beach’, we knew we had to blog it because it is just sooooooo naturist. And it’s L$0!

On RL beaches, you’ll find ladies who say, out loud and quite firmly, ‘No, I could NEVER do that!’, i.e. take off their bikinis or swimsuits. And within a couple of hours, many will have grasped that naturism is, well, natural, and shed first their bikini tops and then, a little later, the bottoms.

Or else ladies, established naturists, will have been tanning in their own gardens or parks, in a bikini, prior to going on vacation, just to get their tan going.

Either way, there are sometimes ‘white bits’, as part of the tan is at least a couple of days ahead of their more private places, thus creating a two tone tan. This skin reflects that wonderfully.