Issue 3: Editorial

There has been something of a lull in ‘new builds’, certainly in the naturist sector, in recent weeks. There was a time when new ‘naturist’ locations popped up weekly. Some were sex beaches, some were short lived, some lasted the distance, but the depressed global economy seems to have reduced those willing to take a punt on their own places. Or perhaps it’s because SL naturism is now well and clearly defined into a few, but superior, naturist locations. I can live with this, because we’ll now punch it down to few spots where the emphasis will become one more of social interactivity.

Of course, romance will blossom and sex may occur within these locations (or elsewhere), but maybe a kind of adult (in the sense of it being played out by grown ups with intelligence, rather than a ‘porn’ adult sense) naturism is emerging onto the grid. We shall see. The great thing about SL is that it evolves, constantly.

The theme of Issue 3 is ‘Going to…’ We could have added much, much more, and we will, when we pick it up in Issue 4, published at the beginning of July. In fact, we’re pretty much concluded with it now. Could we squeeze it out before I head off on my own, RL nudie hols at the end of June? Oh…now there’s a thought!

Remember to enjoy your SL (and RL) naturism and be nice to one another.


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