Issue 3: Going by bike

We ran into Lydia Ireman recently, and were delighted to find that, as the World Naked Bike ride season approaches (in the northern hemisphere, at least), that she had set up a group a couple of years ago called the SLNBR (Second Life Naked Bike Ride), with a view to replicating the real life events of similar aims.

Sadly, Lydia informed us that she had handed over management of the group to Lil Lowey (an SLN commentator in the past) because she was heavily involved in a) a bike charity, SUSTRANS (Sustainable Transport) which builds cycle routes here in the UK, and b) was preparing to ride the RL version in Brighton in June.

‘I did a couple of small SLNBRs in 2010’, Lydia informed us, ‘but I couldn’t really do it justice due to exceptionally limited SL time, and because I wasn’t particularly attuned to publicity. We managed to get a few people to join in, though, and it’s something I’d have loved to have built on. I hope Lil can do something with it in the future.

‘The aims of the WNBR are important. Sustainable transport and less dependency on oil. We should all be embracing those ideals’.

I’ve been researching the WNBR, and will be giving a more comprehensive review of it in Issue 4, or as a standalone post, within the next couple of weeks.


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